Here’s how I Love!😍💕

When you love someone, you must also embrace the challenges that will come your way. Love doesn’t come easy and I’m pretty sure we all know that!
To engage in love we must learn how to think, respect, understand, accept, and to top them all, patience is a must have.

THINK – Have you ever done something without thinking and made you regret? Yes! That happened to me several times.. I made decisions in a snap, said words that I shouldn’t have, bought things that aren’t even necessary and at the end of the day I came to realize “damn!” What was I thinking?? The bottomline is, THINK first before you talk and THINK before you make a decision and THINK in general because once it’s done it can be corrected (in the future) but it can never be undone.

RESPECT – No matter who you are or what you are RESPECT is the key to everything. Without respect then there comes NOTHING.
If you don’t think, you won’t realize the essence of Respect.

UNDERSTAND – It’s hard to understand especially when you DON’T want to understand. There’s no perfect relationship out there. But, if you stop for awhile and listen then you will have the chance to think and understand.
If you don’t have Respect then you don’t take time to Understand.

ACCEPT – It is very important for me that whatever or wherever love takes me, I am willing to do and follow what needs to be done. Because things happen for a reason and acceptance will make life easier when something comes up.
If you don’t take time to Understand then, it would be hard for you to accept.

PATIENCE – OH YES! I used to have tons of PATIENCE but i noticed lately, it’s almost touching the bottom of the pan.. So I stopped and took my time to THINK and I thought of the words RESPECT, UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT. It made me realize that I wasn’t doing things the right way and these words made my decisions easier and hopefully I will never regret. Being patient can lead to the path of happiness…safe with no regrets..😍👍

BUT! You must also include FAITH and PRAYERS to accomplish them all. Because I honestly believe that the Lord’s guidance is the CENTER of everything and he makes the Impossible…Possible.🙏

Leave your comments guys and I would love to hear your thoughts! CYBER HUG EVERYONE!! 👭🙋👍😘

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