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Since Valentines Day is fast approaching I thought I’d share this to everyone. I’ve been going back and forth to Victoria’s Secret lately but I felt like their prices are just way above my budget. Yes! they have great stuff (of-course they are “The Victoria’s Secret” indeed) but I thought maybe exploring somewhere else wouldn’t harm you right?

Looking for a really cute, fun but very affordable lingerie or underwear is not easy (to me anyway). I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about so I’m not going to make this even longer.

Adore Me nope “Not ME” but Adore Me is the product brand that I’m referring to. I’ve seen their TV Commercials, photos over Instagram and Twitter as well as some Ads on Facebook and I thought why not check them out.


When you visit their site, it will ask for some basic information and I actually find it pretty easy as it’s just point and click unlike other sites that’s asking for too much.

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Anyway, it says New Member Exclusive! FIRST SET FOR $24.95 & FREE SHIPPING & EXCHANGES! Isn’t that amazing? I’m all about affordability, comfort and quality of course so I guess there’s no harm in looking or even trying isn’t it? Here are some examples or photos of their gorgeous lingerie collection. I love their designs and color combinations as well. I find it really girly, flirty, sexy and most of all great for everyday wear AND this is just perfect for the Love Month!

adoreme_winter_pair (1)

They do have a ton of bra and panty options, or if you want a pair for special occasion and even for everyday use, they also cater to all sizes and shapes which is another huge plus. One more thing that I’m impressed about Adore Me is that they are using ordinary women or have shared photos of ordinary people and not paid models to look great wearing their collection.

I would love to have any of their sets. The Nalatiegh Unlined or the Eloisa Contour are both gorgeous!

If you want to see more posts about Adore Me, head over to their Social Media Footprints.


Adore Me on Facebook 

Adore Me on Instagram


Adore Me on Pinterest

How about you? Care to share your go-to lingerie brand?

Until next time..

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate nor paid to share this post. This is mainly my observation based on what I’ve read and seen about the products.


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