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Let’s Connect!



Happy Monday!

I thought I’d start the week by sharing my social media channels and let’s connect!



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Happy Anniversary?!

OK! please be ready to spare some of your time for this post as it’s going to be a looongg one! But I’ll try to make it shorter..if I can. ūüôā

¬†I joined WordPress back in 2008. Yup in 2008! However, I had no idea how to navigate WordPress at that time as they had such a complicated menus or even limited themes to choose from. Bottomline, it wasn’t that user¬†friendly.

As far as I can remember I wrote something about my Life Journey in which I discovered seven years later that it wasn’t even published. HAHA

So back in January 27 of 2015, I’ve decided to do something else so I thought why not start a blog? I then remembered I had WordPress! I immediately grabbed my phone (Thank you to smart phones, it made everything so easy and accessible) and logged-in to and wow! my account is still active. No views or visitors though..(LOL) ¬†My account name back then was Capricorn (don’t ask me why-LOL) so I immediately changed my name to FilipinoInsideOut and again (don’t ask me why) OK, OK maybe because I’m a Filipino Inside and Out!? Or should I say, I was born and raised in the Philippines?? LOL ūüėõ

Anyway, to make this long story short I then wrote my very first post without even knowing that I will enjoy and continue writing and sharing different ideas up to present. Here’s my very first and official blog post¬†Oh! How I Love¬†Monday..ūüė欆The moment I hit the “publish” button, it actually felt good. So, I then wrote my second, 3rd and so on. If you’re interested to know more on¬†How Did I End Up Blogging click¬†HERE.¬†

And that is the reason why I considered January 27, 2015 as my Blog Anniversary because it all started that day! ‚̧

Please allow me to quickly share my blog insights.

  • Zero views from 2008-2014.
  • I’ve shared 167 fun and not-so-fun posts from 2015 -2016.
  • A¬†Huge Shout-Out to my top 5 viewers and of course to everyone from all over the world!
  • And surprisingly¬†Thoughtful Wednesday!¬†still¬†has the Best Views Ever!


After a couple of months of blogging, I’ve been contemplating of changing my name to something that suites best on what my posts are all about. However, I didn’t do it because “again” I never thought that¬†I’ll continue blogging. Some of you have witnessed my journey and was with me from when I first¬†started until this day and with that Thank you!

Now with all the grace and support that I received from everyone, and I know now what I’m passionate about, I am for sure considering of changing my account name. Something that’s been in my mind since forever but will still keep a part of FilipinoInsideOut. (stay tune for that)

Twelve months of blogging means twelve months of something!

I now have a clear vision of what I want and what I hope to achieve.

And after this long and boring story, I thought I’d share twelve (12) posts in twelve consecutive days (wish me luck!)… Nope! it’s definitely not 12 Days of Christmas! HAHA and hopefully I will be able to make this happen.

So what do you guys think? Am I just dreaming or you’ll agree with my Blog Anniversary date?




What I got on my Birthday?


Just this past week, I celebrated my 35th birthday. Yup! I am 35 years old and I’m sure to some it’s scary while for others it’s still a good age and still young. Anyway, I am the type of person that embraces everything that comes my way so to me “Age doesn’t matter”.

So, with no further chit-chat, I would like to share with you what I got on my birthday. Just a simple reminder, I am not posting this to brag or anything but I myself love seeing other people’s posts too. Continue reading “What I got on my Birthday?”