Instagram update!


What’s New on Instagram?

I don’t know about you guys, but I do have two separate Facebook and Instagram Accounts. The reason being is that, only few of my friends and family are aware of me blogging that’s why I prefer to separate my Personal Account from my Blogging Account.

Just yesterday, I noticed that Instagram has a New and Cool feature which makes it easier for people with multiple accounts to switch from one account to the other. Continue reading “Instagram update!”

Quick update!😊

Hi there cyber-friends! I’m sorry if I haven’t posted lately as I’m here in Niagra Falls/Canada right at this very moment. I promise to start posting as soon as I am home. 

But! I won’t end this post here as I would like to show you this awesome work of art that captured my eyes.

This upside-down house is just amazing! Everything inside is upside-down too! Haha.. Kudos to the brain of this house, it’s very unique indeed! 👏🏻  
By the way, I posted some photos in my Instagram account but will be posting more here soon!😀👍🏻😘

Natural Home Remedy!

Let me tell you a story.. some of you might find it stu**d while some might find it helpful, some might have heard about this while some..I don’t know! But I do hope you leave a comment below and tell me what you think? now, let’s get started..

About a week ago, I craved for hotdogs.. (yes, hotdog) and I usually fry my hotdogs. It just tastes better cooking it that way. However, because of me rushing things..very impatient.. I had to cook them frozen under a very hot oil and high temp.. uhhuuuhh.. very impatient.. 😛

Now, when I tried breaking them apart with a fork it broke into half and the fork went straight to the pan and the oil went all over and a huge amount of oil went to my hand.. Yup! it did hurt and I almost panicked. I was thinking of washing them with cold water but I was scared that my skin might come off ???? so I went ahead and wiped them off and went to get some toothpaste.. Yup! toothpaste because I heard they help when you burn yourself. But, I remembered our toothpaste has mint and it’s also a whitening toothpaste so I decided not to use it as it might irritate my skin even more.

After a drama moment with tears all over my face (LOL), I did recall that my mom used to use tomato when she gets burned while cooking. Luckily we have some tomatoes in our refrigerator so I had to use them right away. When my husband saw me using the tomato he then told me to apply Neosporin…applying Neosporin is the worst idea ever!!!! OMG..😱 It felt like my hand was on fire🔥 or was poured with a gallon of hot sauce or I don’t even know how to describe it.. All I can remember is I almost passed out..👷 I ended up washing my hand and went back to applying the tomato. 🍅🍅

2015-18-5--19-16-37Mr. Tomato to the Rescue! 🙂

The photo on the left is taken the day after. while the photo on the bottom right is taken on the 5th day. It also burned most part of my knuckles but I missed to capture a closer photo.

I tried browsing online to find the best home remedies for burns but none of the things mentioned can be found in our home at that very moment. Gladly, I listened to my mom when I was still back home and it paid off. It’s actually healing so much better with no blisters or “water bubbles”.

            at exactly one week!

One last info.. I literally went to sleep with tomato on my hand.. LOL (TMI??)😜

Bonus photo: (this is the result of my cooked/burned hotdog)

And yes! I still ate them.(haha).and if you’re wondering why they are RED, that’s how our hotdog in the Philippines are.. 🙂

 So there you go.. I hope you learned something from this very unusual post of mine..👍



Hi cyber-Friends!

Happening now is The Bernard & Millie Duker Children’s Hospital / Albany Medical Center Cares for Kids Radiothon. 

If you wish to participate and donate please dial 1-877-810-5437.

Spread the Love! 😊😘😍👪👭💏❤️ 


New Found App! #Obsessed

Guys Guys Guys!!!! I’ve never been this excited about an app EVER!

As I was browsing the App Store, I bumped into this App which don’t even ask me why and how..hahaha it looks really cool that made me very interested! Since it’s free I’ve decided to install it. Now, when I started playing with it.. It became more amusing..I am not going to make this chat longer and let me show you the App.


I am not sure how to upload the video directly from the app so I’ve decided to upload it through YouTube.. But if you want, you can also check out my Instagram for a better feel of how this app really works. One more thing, please bear with my videos.. I was just excited to try it…(they are my photos by the way) LOL.. 🙂

Another cool thing about this App is that, there are more style and songs to choose from. So, why not go ahead and give it a shot and let me know what you think??

Enjoy!! #MeiPai ❤