New Found App! #Obsessed

Guys Guys Guys!!!! I’ve never been this excited about an app EVER!

As I was browsing the App Store, I bumped into this App which don’t even ask me why and how..hahaha it looks really cool that made me very interested! Since it’s free I’ve decided to install it. Now, when I started playing with it.. It became more amusing..I am not going to make this chat longer and let me show you the App.


I am not sure how to upload the video directly from the app so I’ve decided to upload it through YouTube.. But if you want, you can also check out my Instagram for a better feel of how this app really works. One more thing, please bear with my videos.. I was just excited to try it…(they are my photos by the way) LOL.. 🙂

Another cool thing about this App is that, there are more style and songs to choose from. So, why not go ahead and give it a shot and let me know what you think??

Enjoy!! #MeiPai ❤


2 thoughts on “New Found App! #Obsessed

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