Monday LoveDay!❤️

A quick LoVè quote for everyone!

“You may not end up with your Great Löve.. But, You will end up with your True Löve!” 💏


Favorite quote to date!

This has always been my favorite saying for over a decade now..though I don’t recall when and where I heard this but it’s been an effective reminder to myself.

You’re Rich When You’re Contented With What You Have

Happy Weekend Cyber-Friends!!


I don’t want Flowers… They Die!👎
All I want is U.. Because U last Forever and we Die Together..😍😘

Happy Valentines!!!! 😘❤
(I just want to share the Joy of my Life to you all)


Quick thought!😜✌️😱

Before I turn off the lights and put down my phone.. I just want to share something…

While I was browsing some social media sites, I couldn’t help but notice the photos of those people on my page.. Some where cool, some where OK, some where nice but there are some that just doesn’t… I don’t know.. It doesn’t mean that it’s branded or expensive then it looks good.
If only I can suggest for them to buy a mirror and look at themselves closely then I would.. I just don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings so I am sharing it here and hope no one reads this post! Haha✌️✌️ 😜
That’s why I now enjoy blogging because I can share anything that I want and no one will judge me..
It’s my opinion anyway..right?

Have A Blessed Evening You guys!