H&M (mini) Makeup Haul


I’ve been wanting to try the makeup products from H&M but unfortunately, our H&M stores here in Albany, New York doesn’t carry the ones that I’ve been looking for.

During my quick trip down to New York City, I decided to check the H&M stores for some cool stuff. Originally, I was a bit disappointed because their makeup display was empty but hubby saw their clearance shelves and all makeup products were there which gave me hope! 🙂 Continue reading “H&M (mini) Makeup Haul”

$20 Clothing Haul??

Clothing Haul_Fotor

In case you haven’t noticed, I love shopping at the clearance section. WHY? because to me, they are the last items available and I’m sure I don’t have to worry about wearing the same exact clothes when I go somewhere..HAHA did that ever happen to you?? also they are marked twice or three times cheaper than the original price. If you think you’re buying items that are out of style… you are wrong! they always come back in style and that’s what’s cool about fashion.

Here is an example…


I bought this overall (romper to some) last year around May (2015) which is almost a year after I purchased them. But, guess what? I was able to wear them this year and they are still on trend..You know what I’m saying??HEHE 🙂

So, here I am again challenging myself to find great things at a very affordable price. If you’re interested to see what I bought then just click PLAY and don’t forget to give it a Thumbs Up and Subscribe! ❤

So, what do you guys think?

Until next time…


What I got for Valentines Day?!?


Hello blogger-squad! I hope it’s not yet too late to share this post to all of you.

“Just quick reminder, this is not to brag or anything but I am just so excited to share the blessings that I received from my loving husband last Valentine’s Day”.

Now, this is going to be a bit different than usual. Do you want to know why? Because I finally gained courage to do a YOUTUBE VIDEO!! Ahhhh….. LOL..

But before we proceed to my video. Let me give you a little bit of a recap as to what happened before and on Valentine’s Day! ❤

If you’ve followed me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook I’m sure you saw my early Valentine’s Day surprise that my hubby sent at my workplace last Friday. He knew that I  won’t be expecting any flowers from him because I am not a huge fan of flowers/bouquet  (I felt like they’re a waste of money coz they die so easily not unless those that are planted) BUT! honestly.. I was very SURPRISED! Look how pretty those Tulips are?? It definitely gave me some giggles when I saw them (he for sure got me on this one!) and OH! it came with chocolates too but they are long gone… HAHA


WARNING: If you click PLAY and start WATCHing my Video please be ready to LIKE IT or HATE IT! and guess what? I truly appreciate an honest feedback from you all. 🙂 ❤

But, this won’t end in this video as I will be sharing some in depth swatches of the Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette and Urban Decay UD Gwen Stefani Blush Palette on my future blog posts.

And this post won’t be complete without sharing a quick OOTD during our Valentine’s Date! It was pretty-cold that day…. but a single digit didn’t stop us from dining out. 🙂

Overall: H&M (I bought this last May and I finally got the chance to wear them)
Avery Crossbody (Burgundy): Rebecca Minkoff
Coat: Poshmark (bought it brand new with tag still on)
Burgundy Lace-up flats: (Strawberry store/NYC)
Scarf: (brandless, bought it a few years ago when I visited NYC)


Surprises-after-surprises.. Definitely a moment to remember.


And that’s it!

I hope you genuinely enjoyed this post and I hope you too had a wonderful Valentine’s Day spent with your loved ones.



March mini-haul!✌️

Hi there fellow bloggers!!! 

It’s me again and I am so excited to show you what I bought yesterday Saturday! So, with that said my “mini-haul” is starting in 5…4…3…2…1
First stop, Christmas Tree Shop. 
It wasn’t really my intention to buy something since hubby and I were just looking for a new wok.. Yes! A WoK for cooking..haha but I ended up buying these… Since, I’ve been wanting to purchase a new acrylic drawers anyway then hey!! Why not?? The cosmetic organizer only cost $3.99 (I used it to place my brushes and mascaras).

While the 3-drawer acrylic jewelry organizer only cost $9.99 and it’s perfect for my tiny vanity.👍👍

(We left Christmas Tree shop without the WoK though..we didn’t find what we wanted..😜)

2nd stop, Charming Charlie.
It’s like heaven whenever I check this place out.. If you are like me who loves fashion jewelry then this is your place! They sell clothes, shoes, bags and accessories of your choice! (Do I sound like a commercial endorser now? Hahahahaha)
While I was looking around, I saw my favorite sign that says “BUY 1 GET 1 FREE” (aaahhhhhhh😱😱😱😍😍😍) so here you go!



3rd stop, Sephora.
And again, I never really planned of getting something but since I have been experiencing some “uugghh” “uuuhhlll” “yaaakkkk” sparkles on my face.. Yes! I named my pimples “SPARKLES”.. It’s true anyway, they just sparkled with or without make-up..lol
Since, I’ve been reading good reviews about the GlamGlow youthmud then why not try it??Hopefully this will work..🙏🙏
I also got some samples too! Isn’t it great?👍

Last stop, Walmart.
I only purchased two things, the Simple facial wipes..(this is my second pack ever and so far so good) it’s very gentle on my skin..
Then, I purchased the L’oréal Miss Manga Voluminous waterproof-hydrofuge Mascara. And I think, I like this more than the Revlon Lash Potion mascara. Thanks girl (Dorkchops) for a very awesome review on this product!👍
Bonus: my OOTD😊
Jacket – Strawberry
Necklace – Charming Charlie
Bag – Madewell
Pants – H&M
Shoes – NY&Co. (Which I bought last week by the way😊)
Top – Wet Seal (sheer long sleeves hoodie)
Sunglasses – Prada
So, there you go! I hope you enjoyed my post.. 🙂