What I got for Christmas 2017

Happy New Year!

Since I haven’t filmed in ages, I’ve decided to welcome this year with a quick “What I got for Christmas” video and I hope you’ll like it. I didn’t receive a ton but it’s beautiful enough that I’m so excited to share with you the presents that I got.

Please Enjoy & Happy Watching! ❤



Flashback Friday! #WIGFC


Yup! you heard it right.. I know Christmas is over but I just want to share what I got for Christmas. Normally, I have a ton on my wishlist but this time, I didn’t even ask for anything. I was more focused on getting things for the house so I never really thought of asking for anything else.

Anyway, I received a few things from family and friends but I always look forward to my hubby’s surprise.

Like I said, I didn’t ask for anything but I’m still very pleased with what I got. Continue reading “Flashback Friday! #WIGFC”