Jewelry Obsessed!


Let’s take a break from the usual and talk about some other girly stuff!

Aside from cosmetics, clothing, shoes and purses I am also obsessed with jewelry. I have quite a few jewelry but I tend to reach for the same exact piece.

In this post, I will be sharing with you my MOST worn jewelry in the last twelve months to date.


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 Since I discovered the Double Ball earrings, I became obsessed with it.With a small ball stud in the front and a large ball peeking out the back, it’s definitely a unique look and very comfortable too. It may look heavy but actually it’s super lightweight. I have them in “pearl” design and in “rose gold“.
Every time I wear this Double Ball earrings, I always get complimented (I heard that this design is inspired by Dior).

Another piece that I’ve been wearing a lot is the “Star” with gold and stone design earrings. I love anything with stars as I feel like this design is very uncommon. I also like this specific piece because you can separate them, wear with the dangle or just the stud itself. Also, the other set that I liked a lot is the “silver with rose gold detail”. I mean I just can’t resist this earrings as they are beautiful and great for every wear.

Next one is the “Black stud” earrings, how else can I describe this? it’s simple but elegant. And last but not the least is my all time favorite “diamond stud” earrings. This little guy right here is my best friend, I’ve had this for a long time and we’re still going strong.


Both necklaces are a gift from my special someone. He got me the “Purse Pendant” as he knows I’m obsessed with purses. It’s made from a solid Yellow gold with a tiny diamond accent. While the “Wishbone Pendant” with some diamond details is made from a Rose gold material. Both these necklaces are on my neck 24/7 as I don’t take them off. In other words they are my”wash and wear” jewelry pieces.

Now, these two… I don’t know.. but I couldn’t even remember how many times I’ve worn them. I not a fan of a tortoiseshell material but these two I love. The length and it’s design (the camera didn’t do justice in this photo) is just perfect, I also love the rhinestone accent on it as it’s not overwhelming in the eyes. I purchased these necklaces from CHARMING CHARLIE. Believe me, I have a gaziollion necklaces but I always settle for this.


It became my hubby’s tradition of giving me solid gold jewelry on our anniversary. The reason being is that, I love anything gold. May it be white gold, yellow gold or rose gold I’ll take it. Also, what I love the most in solid gold is that they never fade. Meaning, I can wear them 24 hours a day, seven days a week and not worry about discoloration or fading. I wear these bracelets together as it compliments both designs. I love them so much! Hearts and Stars together to me is perfect!

Who doesn’t love ALEX AND ANI?

Another gifts from my hubby and this time it’s for Valentines Day! He got me the letter K initials as most of my friends and relatives back home called me “KULIT” in english “Naughty” (Naughty in a good way though-LOL). I love to crack jokes, mess with friends and so much more.

My Birth stone – Garnet since I’m a January baby.

Because I Love You – Because my hubby loves me. ❤

My Other Half – Because it’s true! 🙂


I LOVE WATCHES! it doesn’t matter what brand it is as long as I like them then I take them home with me.

These are my Top 3 watches to present.

The MICHAEL KORS chronograph watch in black snake skin strap and Mother of Pearl dial is a “limited edition” that I bought for myself a couple of years ago. This watch is ideal to wear for any occasion.

While the middle MICHAEL KORS in Rose Gold strap and Purple face (yes! that’s purple but sometimes it looks “bluish” and dark purple depending on the lighting) and a gold marker is another fave of mine. I wanted the large face originally but I thought the smaller face is a timeless piece and great for everyday wear, it may be for business, for night-out or on the go, this is just the perfect size for my super tiny wrist. 🙂

And last but not the least is this watch from the brand PULSAR. This is my everyday watch (literally) I wear this watch majority of the week. I’ve had this watch for at least five years now (as far as I can remember). This bracelet watch complements an outfit without drawing too much attention to itself. This watch is very affordable, lightweight and super durable AND tiny but classy at the same time!



I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t include some RINGS, that is because I am not a huge fan of rings. I do have a few but I don’t wear them a lot specially when I’m at work. All I have on my fingers is my precious wedding ring.

With all my jewelry and accessories collection, these I would say are my Signature pieces.

And there you have it.. I hope you enjoyed this post!




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    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      Thank you! And yeah.. I love them a lot! There’s different designs but I like the more classy look so I can wear them anytime. 😍☺️


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