What’s New at the Drugstore??


TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette

When I visited our local drugstores mainly Walmart , Walgreens and ULTA, I saw a ton of new products left and right. I explored every aisle and COVERGIRL has a new product called CoverGirl truNaked Eyeshadow in three different eyeshadow palettes.

Nudes, Goldens, Roses


The moment laid my eyes on this Nudes (805) palette, I immediately thought of Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. This eyeshadow palette comes in 8 gorgeous shades and very pigmented too (one palette was open so I swatched them quickly before I get caught.. sorry) this is definitely great for an everyday look.


 This Goldens (810) palette reminds me of Urban Decay Naked palette. Correct me if Im wrong! I mean what else can I say about this palette? they are simply beautiful.


Now, what do you think about this Roses (815) palette? Isn’t it similar to the Urban Decay Naked3 palette?

This CoverGirl truNaked Eyeshadow palette retails from $9.98 (Walmart)$9.99 (Walgreens) and $11.99 (ULTA)! The packaging is very sleek, super lightweight and the shades are amazing. If you want some shimmers to mattes or neutrals to smokeys – this is an awesome one to grab. I’ve read some reviews about this palettes and so far so good!

In case you’re wondering if I ever purchased one, “NO” I didn’t.. Not yet anyway as I am still exploring more new products out there and stay tuned for another What’s New at the Drugstore post coming soon!




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