One Week Only!



I received a newsletter about this amazing deal from Coastal Scents Beauty and I thought it’s worth sharing!

Here is a quick overview about Coastal Scents.

We not only sell ready made products, but also the ingredients to make your own. Most products are purchased in bulk directly from the manufacturer and repackaged in smaller sizes to make them affordable to smaller companies or personal use. We strive to save you time and shipping costs that occur from having to buy products at several different locations.
Customer suggestions are welcome, we are geared to accommodating a priority customer demand.
We do not test products on animals and only support suppliers that do the same. All the products we carry are produced cruelty free and no animals are harmed. Even though some companies still test on animals, we believe that it is unnecessary, unethical and is scientifically unreliable. We want to be sure that our products are safe on humans, so our products are rigorously assessed and tested by human volunteers.
As a company with many natural products, we also help our environment by recycling.

.99¢ each?? What an awesome deal right?

and oh! they also have such an affordable Interchangeable Palette that retails from $5.95 – $9.95.





4 thoughts on “One Week Only!

  1. Oh yeah Coastal Scents Hot Pots are GREAT for the price! I got mine on sale too and I did some research before I chose the colours – I really like Cherry Chocolate and Victorian Pear. I also bought one of their empty palettes (the 12 pan as your post shows) and it is REALLY well made! I highly recommend!

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      I agree.. You don’t hear much from this brand but they are actually good. I bought a palette from them before and I loved it! And for this .99 cents a pot? It’s great!


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