Feliz San Valentin!

I was really contemplating whether to share this moment or not. I wanted it to be private but I also wanted to show the world how lucky I am to be blessed with a wonderful husband.

I know majority of you received a sweet gesture on Valentine’s Day but I received my presents a little bit early.


Last Friday was really special.

I came home with these beautiful goodies which I wasn’t expecting at all. My hubby wanted me to have them sooner so I will be able to enjoy his gifts over the weekend.

I’ve been wanting a Turntable/Vinyl Player for so long as it brings back wonderful memories from when I was young. I also miss the old school way of playing music. That moment when you choose what record to play, your favorite track in the album and so on. But what made this even more special?? He got me my very first Vinyl Record from Bruno Mars latest album 24K Magic.

I am such a HUGE Bruno Mars fan and having my very own Vinyl Player (with built-in AM/FM) as well as Bruno Mars vinyl record is just amazing!


Some of my coworkers and friends asked ‘WHY? when you can just download songs anytime…play it whenever you want, etc.

Well, I still have that old soul in me, definitely not a certified “millennials” which I am proud of!  I’ve used the record player since I plugged them on and I know I will continue using it as long as I can.

On Monday, I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers and on Valentine’s Day itself, I got something else. It was indeed a week to remember!

Last but not the least, I am sharing this post not to show what I received, but to show my hubby that I am truly a proud wifey and will forever be grateful to have married the man of my dreams.

I hope you too had a lovely Valentine’s Day!❤️



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