b.c (Beauty Concepts) Cosmetic Brush Scrubber


Today’s post is all about a cosmetic brush scrubber which I’ve been using for quite sometime now. 


I’ve been seeing this b.c (Beauty Concepts) Cosmetic Brush Scrubber at Marshalls, T.J Maxx and even at Burlington Coat Factory but I never really paid much attention because I haven’t heard of this brand before.

However, just out of curiosity and at the same time, I was really in search of a good makeup brush cleaner/scrubber then I decided to purchase one hoping it will do it’s purpose. I bought this product at Marshalls for $3.99 and was really excited to test it out.

Because I have a few makeup brushes that needed some cleaning, I thought this is the perfect time to show you how easy and convenient this brush scrubber is.


I used the e.l.f and Wet N’ Wild brushes to apply my blushes. The Real Techniques brush was used to set my powder and the last brush is from BH Cosmetics and I love to use this brush in applying a liquid foundation.


This cosmetic brush scrubber is made out of rubber, it’s firm and not flimsy. The ridges are smooth that it doesn’t ruin or damage the bristles or brushes.

How I clean my brushes? First, I wash the brush scrubber and the makeup brushes with warm water. I then pour a decent amount of baby shampoo onto the brush scrubber to clean my makeup brushes.  Then, you can now start cleaning those brushes.

(In case you’re wondering, I use Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo)


Because I’m very anal when cleaning my makeup brushes (or just in general), I had to individually clean and rinse my brushes a couple of times to make sure that they come out squeaky clean.


The product is super affordable, it hugs my hand comfortably. It’s gentle on the brushes and you can store them well without taking so much space in your makeup drawer.

Now, my makeup brushes are clean and happy again!

Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Will I recommend this item? Oh yes, definitely!


Have you guys tried this b.c (Beauty Concepts) Cosmetics Brush Scrubber?




P.SI tried finding some links on this specific product but for some reason, I couldn’t find one or maybe I just didn’t search further?




6 thoughts on “b.c (Beauty Concepts) Cosmetic Brush Scrubber

  1. I got one like this in a pink colour off AliExpress and I don’t use it as often as I thought I would. I still like using my art brush cleaner which is plastic instead of rubber. I find the rubber to drag my brush hairs too much.
    Your post reminds me that I have a PILE of dirty brushes that need cleaning… ugh.

    I wish I had Ryan to help me:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Haha… glad my posts reminds you of something (clean them filthy brushes) 😂😂 and so far this doesn’t drag the brushes.. it’s actually really smooth which I like. In fact, I enjoy rubbing the brushes on it. 😆


    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      I’ve seen a lot very similar and super affordable too. And, good to hear that yours worked coz I was once tempted to buy one from Amazon too. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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