Play! by Sephora (September)


Yay! I’m getting closer to my most current box (LOL). My last post was about my AugustPlay! box so now it’s my September issue. They said it’s better late than never correct?

So here we go!

The month of September’s theme was Fall Into Beauty!


Now, let’ see what I got.

CIATÉ LONDON Liquid Velvet – Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick in Diva ($19.00)

This liquid velvet lipstick is very comfortable on the lips, it claims to dry down matte but this doesn’t dry completely matte and it doesn’t dry quick too, I had to pat the excess to dry fast. However it’s definitely long-wearing and non-drying, it also leaves a stain which looks nice afterwards. This shade is perfect for the holiday season or any season basically.

Side note: I received the same exact item from my November – Ipsy Glam Bag (see review HERE).


SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof (Black Lace – Black)

This eye pencil is not a stranger to me and I’m sure it’s not a stranger to you as well. This eye pencil is super smooth and creamy. It’s matte, easy to apply, long wearing, waterproof and most importantly, it’s smudge proof. This retails for $10.00 (full-size) at


FRESH Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex ($45.00 50ml)

I’ve been using this face cream lately since my skin has been very dry. So far it’s gentle and it didn’t irritate my skin whatsoever. I apply this on the areas on my face where it gets really dry and this cream keeps my face moisturized and hydrated too. I’ve never smelled a Lotus before but if this is what a Lotus smells like then now I know. This smells fresh and feels nice when applied on my skin.


DEVACURL Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask ($36.00)

I don’t have curly hair but wavy instead. I tried this conditioning mask to see how this works on my hair. This smells SO good (I can’t even describe) but since I have fine hair, this weighed my hair down. It’s easy to lather and it’s not greasy too so If you have curly hair, I’m sure you’ll love this.


Benefit CosmeticsGimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in Deep

Like I said over and over, I don’t use any brow products but since I’m currently growing my eyebrows then I thought I’d give this product a try. So far this fiber gel was good. It felt weird having brow products on but they felt comfy and my brows behaved well. It doesn’t have a wet formula and super easy to apply. I’m not sure if this is a new product from Benefit Cosmetics or it’s discontinued but both Sephora and Benefit Cosmetics sites don’t carry them. Have you guys tried this fiber gel before?



Bonus Product

LIVING PROOF No Frizz Nourishing Oil ($20.00)

Normally, I get a sample fragrance bonus from my Play! by Sephora  box but this time, they gave this nourishing oil instead. I didn’t hesitate in trying this product because my hair gets frizzy at times. This Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil did keep my hair frizz free. It kept my hair soft and manageable too. The scent is pleasant (they don’t linger) and didn’t leave my hair oily or greasy. I am happy with this product for sure!


I’ve said this before and will say this again, this Play! by Sephoramonthly subscription box is way better than the Ipsy Glam Bag.

To sum it all up, another happy camper here! 🙂




6 thoughts on “Play! by Sephora (September)

  1. Too bad about receiving the same Ciate liquid lipstick! If only Ipsy and Sephora could get their act together… better yet, maybe someone at Ciate could have given them a heads up? 😛
    I’ve been curious about the Benefit brow products for a while now. I have sparse brows so I guess a gel with fibres might be useful.
    Great items in this bag!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Right? Since same company is sending products out, they should think about it too. But maybe they just want to give out one shade so it’ll just be one production to give away. They benefit brow is really nice and I like how they look natural but just wondering why it’s not available in Sephora or even at Benefit’s sites. Really a nice bag for sure. 😁


  2. Gimme Brow is my HG product for brows. Unfortunately, they had to do a recall on the product because some customer decided to use it on their eyes when clearly it’s purpose is brows, NOT mascara. 😝 I’m hoping it’s re-released soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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