The truth about testers???

I couldn’t help but share this video, this made me cringe while watching it. Glad I don’t really try the testers out. I normally buy online not in stores.

What do you guys think? will this video change your mind in touching those testers out?




10 thoughts on “The truth about testers???

  1. I say use common sense. I will never ever use lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner that cannot be sanitized. I only ever put product on my face that I see them being sanitized in front of me (MAC is really good at this). By the way, Marketplace is a Canadian show! 😀

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      You still see a lot of people try the testers out like lip glosses and lipstick though. I touch some eyeshadows or blushes but got to follow-up with hand sanitizer after. And yes! It’s a Canadian show. Thought of you guys when I saw this. 😀


  2. My word, I haven’t used a tester in at least a decade. It’s always seemed needlessly risky. I don’t even like swatching stuff on my hand, I just kind of chance it. Not super helpful, but neither is the alternative!

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