VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette


I’ve been contemplating whether to purchase this palette or not. But after seeing all the positive reviews, I ended up buying it for myself.

Now let’s take a look at the product together. 

About the product:
Violet Voss Cosmetics was created to provide professional quality makeup for both the beginner and advanced makeup enthusiast. Their easy-to-blend, highly pigmented shadows are formulated with hydrating jojoba oil, and the selection of palettes let you create endless looks – from subtle to sultry.
What it is:
A warm, cranberry eyeshadow palette that can be used for both day and night. 

My first impression on the packaging itself was a just OK. I wasn’t wowed by it since it’s just pretty simple, cardboard type material but I don’t really mind since it’s not the packaging that drew me into this palette to begin with.


I took this photo under natural light so the shades might be a little different from the actual colors.


This palette comes in 20 warm wearable shades that I know I can use may it be during the day or at night. I like all the shade options in here and I was very surprised on how vibrant these colors are.

This eyeshadow palette is very pigmented and it’s not powdery which is great. I tried this palette once and so far it blended easily, the color payoff is beautiful and long lasting too.


Here is a quick swatch for you and mind you, this is just one swipe. I didn’t press my fingers on the pan that hard but you can see the colors pretty well. The transition shades are good as well the lightest shades too.


I paid $45.00 on this Violet Voss HG-PRO Eyeshadow Palette plus free shipping because I’m subscribed to Sephora FLASH  which I paid just $10.00 per year. So far, I’m pretty happy with this purchase and will be reaching for it a lot.

Do you guys have this eyeshadow palette? How do you like it?



9 thoughts on “VIOLET VOSS HG – PRO Eyeshadow Palette

        1. MyStyleInsideOut

          Just like everything else.. lol and thats why I prefer getting palettes when given to me than spending this much. But this palette is really nice though.. never regret spending $45


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