What I got for Christmas ‘2018

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, some may have spent it with family, friends or with your special someone but let’s not forget that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s Birthday. It’s the time of sharing, giving and forgiving.

My hubby always asks that I create a wishlist every year so he’ll have an idea as to what he can get for me. Since I’m very indecisive when it comes to presents, I always end up giving a long list of options for him to choose from. Anyway, before we bid 2018 goodbye, let me show you what I got for Christmas. Continue reading “What I got for Christmas ‘2018”

What I got for Christmas?!?

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh how I love to say this words… and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday too because I had an awesome one. 🙂

Every year, my husband asks me to create a wishlist (5 items) for Christmas and rank them from 1-5 (5 is the least) but this year, I couldn’t think of 5 items that I wanted because I’m so confused and I admit, I am very indecisive when it comes to things for myself. So he ended up buying me presents without my list. 😦

If you followed me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen a quick snap of what I got last Christmas day.

I love watching youtube videos and other blogposts about what other people received on Christmas day or on their Birthday and I thought I would share too. Please know that this is not to brag or anything but I am just sooo happy and excited with the things that I got and I felt so blessed to have them. All of the things that I got are from my husband except for one.

Now, let’s start!

 The very first item I got is the La Prairie Midnight Rain Eau de Parfum Spray and if you’ve followed me since day 1 you should see a post about this perfume Is it the scent or the bottle?? it’s been a year of having this on my wishlist but hey! it’s worth the wait. I am sooo happy when I got this.. ❤

The next gift that my hubby handed me is this  Too FacedThe Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. I never really thought that my hubby listens when I talk especially about makeup (LOL) but I guess I was wrong. I now finally have Too FacedThe Chocolate Bar Eye Palette and I LOVE IT! As you noticed, I couldn’t help myself but feel the eyeshadow and I can’t wait to use this palette. 🙂 

This next item is from my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law and OMG!!! I’m so happy and I don’t know how to describe this beauty! I never thought I will have this palette this soon. ❤ NARS Nars Steven Klein Collaboration One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette is a must have in your collection.

OK… OK!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW THIS NEXT ONE. I guess there’s no introduction needed.


OMG! OMG! OMG! never in my wildest dreams that I will have my own Macbook Air. I felt like this is just a “want” and not “need” so I never really asked for it but hubby said he knew that deep inside I really really want one ever since and so he got me this. I LOVE IT! I couldn’t ask for anything else and I couldn’t contain myself when I opened this present and it brought me to tears (not too much though) but yeah, I was teary eyed.😳😭


And who said that this is it?

There’s one more! Or this is what we call Bonus?


YES! Maroon 5 concert tickets….. I CaNnOT wait to watch them live.. 😱😱

And last but not the least, I also got myself a gift from my own pocket. HAHA. Can I still tell you another long story? A week before Christmas, we went to New York City for a few days, I went inside ZARA at 6th Ave. and saw this bag. But I thought I would check the other ZARA stores as to maybe they might have another bag that I might like, but I ended up leaving with nothing. So I ended up going back to the first store but it’s GONE!!!! I picked up my phone and bought it online instead. It actually worked out best so we didn’t have to carry a lot of stuff going back home AND way better than the one in store coz no one touched it but me??hehe✌🏻️


Yeah..that’s it! I guess not giving my hubby my top 5 Christmas list is better huh?!?☺️😍

To end this post, I am just so Blessed and So Thankful for everything. With or without these presents, I am still very happy because I have my hubby, my family and friends and of course you guys for the continuing support in this blog world.😘

Thank you for dropping by.

Happy Holidays and OH! Advance Happy New Year!!!🎉