What I got for Christmas?!?

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh how I love to say this words… and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday too because I had an awesome one. 🙂

Every year, my husband asks me to create a wishlist (5 items) for Christmas and rank them from 1-5 (5 is the least) but this year, I couldn’t think of 5 items that I wanted because I’m so confused and I admit, I am very indecisive when it comes to things for myself. So he ended up buying me presents without my list. 😦

If you followed me on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen a quick snap of what I got last Christmas day.

I love watching youtube videos and other blogposts about what other people received on Christmas day or on their Birthday and I thought I would share too. Please know that this is not to brag or anything but I am just sooo happy and excited with the things that I got and I felt so blessed to have them. All of the things that I got are from my husband except for one.

Now, let’s start!

 The very first item I got is the La Prairie Midnight Rain Eau de Parfum Spray and if you’ve followed me since day 1 you should see a post about this perfume Is it the scent or the bottle?? it’s been a year of having this on my wishlist but hey! it’s worth the wait. I am sooo happy when I got this.. ❤

The next gift that my hubby handed me is this  Too FacedThe Chocolate Bar Eye Palette. I never really thought that my hubby listens when I talk especially about makeup (LOL) but I guess I was wrong. I now finally have Too FacedThe Chocolate Bar Eye Palette and I LOVE IT! As you noticed, I couldn’t help myself but feel the eyeshadow and I can’t wait to use this palette. 🙂 

This next item is from my brother-in-law and soon to be sister-in-law and OMG!!! I’m so happy and I don’t know how to describe this beauty! I never thought I will have this palette this soon. ❤ NARS Nars Steven Klein Collaboration One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette is a must have in your collection.

OK… OK!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO SHOW THIS NEXT ONE. I guess there’s no introduction needed.


OMG! OMG! OMG! never in my wildest dreams that I will have my own Macbook Air. I felt like this is just a “want” and not “need” so I never really asked for it but hubby said he knew that deep inside I really really want one ever since and so he got me this. I LOVE IT! I couldn’t ask for anything else and I couldn’t contain myself when I opened this present and it brought me to tears (not too much though) but yeah, I was teary eyed.😳😭


And who said that this is it?

There’s one more! Or this is what we call Bonus?


YES! Maroon 5 concert tickets….. I CaNnOT wait to watch them live.. 😱😱

And last but not the least, I also got myself a gift from my own pocket. HAHA. Can I still tell you another long story? A week before Christmas, we went to New York City for a few days, I went inside ZARA at 6th Ave. and saw this bag. But I thought I would check the other ZARA stores as to maybe they might have another bag that I might like, but I ended up leaving with nothing. So I ended up going back to the first store but it’s GONE!!!! I picked up my phone and bought it online instead. It actually worked out best so we didn’t have to carry a lot of stuff going back home AND way better than the one in store coz no one touched it but me??hehe✌🏻️


Yeah..that’s it! I guess not giving my hubby my top 5 Christmas list is better huh?!?☺️😍

To end this post, I am just so Blessed and So Thankful for everything. With or without these presents, I am still very happy because I have my hubby, my family and friends and of course you guys for the continuing support in this blog world.😘

Thank you for dropping by.

Happy Holidays and OH! Advance Happy New Year!!!🎉



4 thoughts on “What I got for Christmas?!?

  1. Oh I remember you mentioned that La Prairie Midnight Rain Eau de Parfum Spray! The bottle is simply a work of art! I’m so happy for you that you received it from your hubby! And oh that Nars cheek palette looks amazing – so many useful colours in that.
    And WOW, new Macbook! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      Yes! I finally have the perfume.. Im obsessed with it.. It last really long and not overpowering too.. The Nars cheek palette is beautiful.. I don’t even want to use them..haha And yeah… I now have a Macbook.. It makes blogging sooo much easier.. Thanks to hubby!☺️


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