What I got on my Birthday?


Just this past week, I celebrated my 35th birthday. Yup! I am 35 years old and I’m sure to some it’s scary while for others it’s still a good age and still young. Anyway, I am the type of person that embraces everything that comes my way so to me “Age doesn’t matter”.

So, with no further chit-chat, I would like to share with you what I got on my birthday. Just a simple reminder, I am not posting this to brag or anything but I myself love seeing other people’s posts too. Continue reading “What I got on my Birthday?”

Fashion Haul!

There’s always a reason why I love going to the mall.

And..there’s also a reason why I try to avoid going to the mall.

But one major reason why I avoid visiting the mall is to keep myself from spending. I admit, I have a (bad) spending habit! I always convince myself that I am cheap or thrifty and I don’t pay much for the items that I buy but if you think about it, the more you buy, the more you spend and you ended up not saving in the end.

This post is an example of what I’m talking about.

I normally go to the mall every Friday after work. I started doing this to keep my mind away from dealing with so much stress. I don’t really have girl buddies to hang-out with so I just go to the mall all by myself. My hubby comes home from work at around 9PM so again, he couldn’t be there and hang-out with me. So, while I’m wandering the entire mall, I ended up buying something that “I believe” I needed for work or something that “I’ve been wanting” to have for a while now.

Just this past two weeks, I would like to share what I ended up buying.

I snagged this simple flats just for everyday wear especially for work. H&M on sale for only $7.00 (original $14.95) 

I went to Rue 21 and found this dark brown ankle boots for $39.99 with a red sticker that says 50% off. I looked for an associate and asked if it’s really 50% and she said “YES!”. When I paid for it, the price changed to $3.00 which is AWESOME!! and without a second thought I had to pay for it before they take it away from me. HAHAHAH 2015-27-9--15-02-29While driving back home, I stopped by Plato’s Closet (I am not sure if you’ve heard of this store) they sell used and brand new “name brand” fashion items and I got lucky to have found this very pretty, comfortable and brand new sandals/heels which I’ve worn to work a few times already and yes! they are VERY comfortable for the price of $15.00. I’m glad I took this beauty home. 🙂


Next fashion item I bought is a satchel bag. I am obsessed with anything that can be a hand bag or can be a sling too. It’s easy to carry especially when you’re planning of going somewhere with a lot of walking. Most of my purses or bags are black and brown but I don’t have anything with color so I thought why not take this handbag home with me.. Another cool thing about this bag is the gold accent that made it even more me.. ❤

Charming Charlie is the place to find colorful items, cool design and affordable too. Originally $39.99 and paid $20.00 is not bad at all. 🙂

This last item is an item that has been on my list for soo long now. I kept going back to Express store for this as I am hoping that they will put it on sale until just this past Friday. I wasn’t really planning of checking this store out because I already know that they won’t put this on sale at all… But I still went just because… and I’m glad I did! 🙂 My Iphone camera didn’t do justice on the color of this baby but it’s actually “Cognac”.

Original price price was $49.00 and paid $20.00 and I think this is definitely a steal!

And there you have it! I hope you like them as much as I do.. 🙂 ❤


Fashion Haul!


They said shopping is a stress reliever.. and since I’ve been very busy and stressed lately I had to do some shopping here and there… (excuses-excuses) LOL.. Luckily I am a bargain shopper so I didn’t pay full price for the items that I bought. Continue reading “Fashion Haul!”


It has been a very stressful couple of weeks and I’m so glad I am able to deal with it. Thankfully I still have time to go out and spent a day with myloves..😍

We planned of going out for lunch then maybe go see a movie. We visited Dinosaur BBQ Restaurant and even though they’ve been open for awhile now, we’ve never really thought of checking the place out. Gladly the food was great and their chicken wings was one of the best wings I’ve ever had in awhile. It’s smoked and not fried and the sauce was uugghh… Soo good! 👍👍👍🎉 Continue reading “SunDate!❤️”