Fashion Haul!


They said shopping is a stress reliever.. and since I’ve been very busy and stressed lately I had to do some shopping here and there… (excuses-excuses) LOL.. Luckily I am a bargain shopper so I didn’t pay full price for the items that I bought.

This will be a very brief post and I hope you’ll like it.

I went to Wet Seal and they had a 4 for $20 sale. I wasn’t planning of buying anything but this ripped jeans caught my attention. Instead of buying one item for the full price. I had to pick three more items to take advantage of their deal. Aside from this two items, I also picked two casual t-shirts. (I didn’t include them on this post because it’s nothing special on them..hehe)
H&M had a great deal as well. When I saw this overall’s I thought it would look terrible. But when I put them on, I actually liked it..and what’s best on this purchase is the price..It only cost me $10.00.. Yup! $10.. such a bargain right? 🙂
Forever 21 also has a Buy One-Get One deal today. I have had my eyes on this dress for a long time but I thought it won’t fit well on me. Until today, I’ve decided to bring them home with me and since it’s the last stock on the rack I felt like it’s really meant for me..haha!! I didn’t try them on when I was at the store but when I got home and tried them on, OH YEAH! Glad it came home with me. I super love it! ❤
And of course since it BOGO Free.. I took this black collared dress. It doesn’t look flattering on this photo but actually they look so cute! and I paid $16.99 for both dresses. Another awesome deal!
Let me start from left to right. 1. Express floral flats ($11.99) 2. Old Navy Red flast ($.8.81) 3. Rue 21 Blue flats ($5.00)

Let me know if you guys would like to see them on and I can do some snapshots wearing them. 🙂

last but not the least, here’s a bonus video of my OOTD! 🙂

Dress: Rue21 Bag: Madewell Sandals: Ninewest Sunglasses: H&M



17 thoughts on “Fashion Haul!

    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      Yeah me too.. They fit soo well too.. I don’t usually like to try clothes when I buy them coz im just too lazy.. LoL but im glad they fit really really well! 😊👍

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