$20 Clothing Haul??

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In case you haven’t noticed, I love shopping at the clearance section. WHY? because to me, they are the last items available and I’m sure I don’t have to worry about wearing the same exact clothes when I go somewhere..HAHA did that ever happen to you?? also they are marked twice or three times cheaper than the original price. If you think you’re buying items that are out of style… you are wrong! they always come back in style and that’s what’s cool about fashion.

Here is an example…


I bought this overall (romper to some) last year around May (2015) which is almost a year after I purchased them. But, guess what? I was able to wear them this year and they are still on trend..You know what I’m saying??HEHE 🙂

So, here I am again challenging myself to find great things at a very affordable price. If you’re interested to see what I bought then just click PLAY and don’t forget to give it a Thumbs Up and Subscribe! ❤

So, what do you guys think?

Until next time…


L’oreal Colour Riche Balm Pop


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Let’s talk “Throwback”…

I love drugstore products a lot. Aside from the quality they are very affordable too. I am not the type of person that splurge on expensive things but if I have to, why not?

Today, I will be sharing three of my favorite things from L’oreal Paris makeup. I’m very picky when it comes to lip products as I’ve had a really bad allergic reaction before. I’m sure you’ve heard this story a gazzillion times but I can’t help not to remember a year or more of no lipstick. But anyway, glad that’s over! Continue reading “L’oreal Colour Riche Balm Pop”

Happy Anniversary?!

OK! please be ready to spare some of your time for this post as it’s going to be a looongg one! But I’ll try to make it shorter..if I can. 🙂

 I joined WordPress back in 2008. Yup in 2008! However, I had no idea how to navigate WordPress at that time as they had such a complicated menus or even limited themes to choose from. Bottomline, it wasn’t that user friendly.

As far as I can remember I wrote something about my Life Journey in which I discovered seven years later that it wasn’t even published. HAHA

So back in January 27 of 2015, I’ve decided to do something else so I thought why not start a blog? I then remembered I had WordPress! I immediately grabbed my phone (Thank you to smart phones, it made everything so easy and accessible) and logged-in to WordPress.com and wow! my account is still active. No views or visitors though..(LOL)  My account name back then was Capricorn (don’t ask me why-LOL) so I immediately changed my name to FilipinoInsideOut and again (don’t ask me why) OK, OK maybe because I’m a Filipino Inside and Out!? Or should I say, I was born and raised in the Philippines?? LOL 😛

Anyway, to make this long story short I then wrote my very first post without even knowing that I will enjoy and continue writing and sharing different ideas up to present. Here’s my very first and official blog post Oh! How I Love Monday..😍 The moment I hit the “publish” button, it actually felt good. So, I then wrote my second, 3rd and so on. If you’re interested to know more on How Did I End Up Blogging click HERE

And that is the reason why I considered January 27, 2015 as my Blog Anniversary because it all started that day! ❤

Please allow me to quickly share my blog insights.

  • Zero views from 2008-2014.
  • I’ve shared 167 fun and not-so-fun posts from 2015 -2016.
  • A Huge Shout-Out to my top 5 viewers and of course to everyone from all over the world!
  • And surprisingly Thoughtful Wednesday! still has the Best Views Ever!


After a couple of months of blogging, I’ve been contemplating of changing my name to something that suites best on what my posts are all about. However, I didn’t do it because “again” I never thought that I’ll continue blogging. Some of you have witnessed my journey and was with me from when I first started until this day and with that Thank you!

Now with all the grace and support that I received from everyone, and I know now what I’m passionate about, I am for sure considering of changing my account name. Something that’s been in my mind since forever but will still keep a part of FilipinoInsideOut. (stay tune for that)

Twelve months of blogging means twelve months of something!

I now have a clear vision of what I want and what I hope to achieve.

And after this long and boring story, I thought I’d share twelve (12) posts in twelve consecutive days (wish me luck!)… Nope! it’s definitely not 12 Days of Christmas! HAHA and hopefully I will be able to make this happen.

So what do you guys think? Am I just dreaming or you’ll agree with my Blog Anniversary date?






Hello there!

It’s been awhile since I was approached by Betabrand to do a product Collab featuring their line. At first, I was very hesitant as I’m not sure if I can make justice to their brand. Secondly, I asked myself what’s in it for me?

So, what do you do when you have questions in mind that needs an answer? I then browsed their webpage, did a good number of clicks here and there. Read reviews and asked some friends. While browsing their site I was actually fascinated as to what they have come up with in their designs.

I don’t normally do posts like this but after a “deep thought”, I said to myself “Oh well” I have to do this. This needs to be shared and be seen.

What is Betabrand? Who is Betabrand?

Betabrand is an online clothing community, based in San Francisco. They design, manufacture, and release new products nonstop.

Brand-new ideas spring to life on their site every day. Their fans co-design and crowdfund them into existence in a matter of weeks. They design clothing for men, women and children as well! They also have shoesbags and accessories, name it and you’ll find it in this world of Betabrand. Isn’t that interesting?




 When I think of Yoga Pants, I think of before-work, after-work, sneakers, yoga mat, tank tops, sweaters, “sweaTy” shirts and water bottles (haha- I don’t know why but yes! these are my thoughts when I hear the word “Yoga Pants“). But, Betabrand’s collection and designs are so much different from what my visions are. They have Yoga Pants that can be worn to work, work pants in the comfort of yoga pants and yoga pants that are actually wearable anytime and anywhere.

Here are some snaps that I myself would wear to work.





Here’s a quick look at their men’s section.


By looking at the photo you can see how cool this jacket is. It’s obviously reversible and can transition from Day to Night.

Another cool features that they have on their site is the Chat Support.  Guess what? they’re very prompt by the way. I didn’t have to wait forever to get attended and I was able to get an answers to my questions too.

What do I think of Betabrand? honestly, what they’ve come up with is such a great idea. They ask their customers what they want? they listen, they learn and they manufacture for everyone’s comfort. What stood out in my personal research into their entire collection is the Yoga Pants. I have quite a few yoga pants but I couldn’t wear either of them to work or look professional in them. But with their designs and customer reviews, they impressed me.

Now here comes the most important question. How much do they cost? I would say the price is decent. Not too cheap and not too expensive either. With the quality, the look, comfort and versatility of the design I believe it’s worth it.

Visit Betabrand for more details!

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube


How about you? do you love Yoga Pants?

Until next time…

Disclosure: I may have been contacted by Betabrand but I am not an affiliate nor paid to share this blogpost. My thoughts and opinions on this post is 100% mine.


Adore Me!

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Since Valentines Day is fast approaching I thought I’d share this to everyone. I’ve been going back and forth to Victoria’s Secret lately but I felt like their prices are just way above my budget. Yes! they have great stuff (of-course they are “The Victoria’s Secret” indeed) but I thought maybe exploring somewhere else wouldn’t harm you right?

Looking for a really cute, fun but very affordable lingerie or underwear is not easy (to me anyway). I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about so I’m not going to make this even longer. Continue reading “Adore Me!”