Polish of the week!


Here I go again with my other obsession. Nails, nail polish, nail art or anything related to nails makes me happy. This is just a quick post to show you what I did with my nails this week.

Recently I posted a Beauty Haul! and if you’ve checked it out I’m sure you’ve seen some of the MILANI Color Statement Nail Lacquer that I bought.


I wanted to use all the shades that I purchased because they’re just really beautiful but I didn’t want to look funny specially at work so I settled with two shades instead.

In case you’re wondering how I divided the colors,

  • First, of course I need to apply a Base Coat (OPI)
  • second, I painted my nails with the shade Pink Beige
  • then I had to let it dry.
  • placed a clear tape to cover the other part of my nail and since I didn’t have a proper nail accessory, I ended up using a clear tape “be innovative” you know. 🙂
  • then I applied the shade Mauving Forward
  • and finished it with Milani’s Quick Dry Top Coat
I know.. I know.. it’s not great! but practice makes perfect right?

Just an insight, this MILANI COLOR STATEMENT NAIL LACQUER is very smooth, very thick and super rich in color. It does have a glossy finish in just one coat and is available in a variety of different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic or with glitters and comes in 37 shades. It didn’t say that this nail polish is a quick dry though but it felt like it is. However, since the Top Coat is definitely a quick dry, then that made this nail polish to dry even quicker.

And.. voila!


I told you this is just a quick post.. Thank for dropping by!




Insta recap!


I hope everyone is having a great weekend and to those who got hit by the snow storm, I hope you all are safe and warm.

I thought I’d do a quick recap on what I shared on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you get the chance and wants to see what I’m up to when I’m not blogging, go ahead and follow me and give me a “haller” and I will follow back!

Now let’s get started.


This was my Monday morning companion. I’ve been trying to use some of my old makeup so they won’t go to waste. This is Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Balm in the shade DEMURE (105). I love the “minty” feel on this balm and is definitely hydrating. You can use this all by itself or use it on top of you favorite lipstick as a lip shiner.


While there’s a beautiful thin sheet of snow on the ground, I thought I’d take a quick snap on the mother of all my purses. This Celine Micro purse was given to me by my hubby on our wedding anniversary few years back and I rarely use this so it won’t get damaged. This can carry a lot of things but I don’t recommend using this when you’re wandering around for a long period of time as it tends to get really heavy on the arm. 


On Wednesday’s we got to have some Pink! Another re-discovery of yours truly and I used to have quite a few of these Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer but I gave some to my sister back home since they don’t have Rimmel London products there yet. (in case you’re wondering where is home? it’s in the Phlippines). This is in the shade NOVA (102).


One of my very few high end products if I must say. This is the Dior Addict High Shine in 260. Aside from the very elegant packaging, the product is also SUPER Hydrating. I never regret having this lip product in my collection.


Eye Shadow Friday! I almost forgot I have this MAC eyeshadow in RICEPAPER Frost. This shadow is very smooth, super pigmented and can be used just by itself or as a base and mix with other shade of you choice. (Of course it’s from MAC, then it better be great right?)

And that’s it.

Bonus: Of course this post won’t be complete without a quick OOTD.. isn’t it? 🤗

Sweater: Forever21, Boots: Nine West, Bag: Forever21, Scarf: Zara

See you again next week for another 5 day recap!



Welcome 2016!🎉

It’s the 3rd day of January and my very first post of the year too! I also noticed that I’ve reached 800 followers. Wow! there are 800 people following my blog?? THANK YOU!🙏🏻

I never thought that I will continue blogging since I did my very first post back in January 27, 2015. I just posted a random topic back then out of boredom without knowing how this “Wordpess” world works. I thought no one will ever read my posts after that. But then I posted another one and another and until now. Here is my very first random post guys.. Oh! How I Love Monday..😍 Continue reading “800 followers!”


As always! I’d like to thank you all for the “Likes”⭐️ and “Follows”👍 on my simple blog. I never thought I will have such an awesome followers here in WordPress and I will try my very best to keep you posted on what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not as I also love to interact with all of you my Cyber-friends.👭🙋

Before I bid goodnight! Here is a quick outfit of the day for you guys (taken yesterday).. I guess this is going to be my last “summer” ootd of the year!☀️😁

romper: Mossimo (Target), shoes: NY&Co., Bag: Vintage
cardigan: Forever 21

And there you have it! I hope everyone have had a great weekend!😊😀


Fashion Haul!

There’s always a reason why I love going to the mall.

And..there’s also a reason why I try to avoid going to the mall.

But one major reason why I avoid visiting the mall is to keep myself from spending. I admit, I have a (bad) spending habit! I always convince myself that I am cheap or thrifty and I don’t pay much for the items that I buy but if you think about it, the more you buy, the more you spend and you ended up not saving in the end.

This post is an example of what I’m talking about.

I normally go to the mall every Friday after work. I started doing this to keep my mind away from dealing with so much stress. I don’t really have girl buddies to hang-out with so I just go to the mall all by myself. My hubby comes home from work at around 9PM so again, he couldn’t be there and hang-out with me. So, while I’m wandering the entire mall, I ended up buying something that “I believe” I needed for work or something that “I’ve been wanting” to have for a while now.

Just this past two weeks, I would like to share what I ended up buying.

I snagged this simple flats just for everyday wear especially for work. H&M on sale for only $7.00 (original $14.95) 

I went to Rue 21 and found this dark brown ankle boots for $39.99 with a red sticker that says 50% off. I looked for an associate and asked if it’s really 50% and she said “YES!”. When I paid for it, the price changed to $3.00 which is AWESOME!! and without a second thought I had to pay for it before they take it away from me. HAHAHAH 2015-27-9--15-02-29While driving back home, I stopped by Plato’s Closet (I am not sure if you’ve heard of this store) they sell used and brand new “name brand” fashion items and I got lucky to have found this very pretty, comfortable and brand new sandals/heels which I’ve worn to work a few times already and yes! they are VERY comfortable for the price of $15.00. I’m glad I took this beauty home. 🙂


Next fashion item I bought is a satchel bag. I am obsessed with anything that can be a hand bag or can be a sling too. It’s easy to carry especially when you’re planning of going somewhere with a lot of walking. Most of my purses or bags are black and brown but I don’t have anything with color so I thought why not take this handbag home with me.. Another cool thing about this bag is the gold accent that made it even more me.. ❤

Charming Charlie is the place to find colorful items, cool design and affordable too. Originally $39.99 and paid $20.00 is not bad at all. 🙂

This last item is an item that has been on my list for soo long now. I kept going back to Express store for this as I am hoping that they will put it on sale until just this past Friday. I wasn’t really planning of checking this store out because I already know that they won’t put this on sale at all… But I still went just because… and I’m glad I did! 🙂 My Iphone camera didn’t do justice on the color of this baby but it’s actually “Cognac”.

Original price price was $49.00 and paid $20.00 and I think this is definitely a steal!

And there you have it! I hope you like them as much as I do.. 🙂 ❤