Please don’t judge me.🙏

I just wanted to sleep soundly.

I slept late because it was Friday.

I know I didn’t have to wake up early on a SaturDay. Continue reading “GOODMORNING???😁”

If only…😳

We went to Denny’s Diner for a quick bite and while waiting for our order, I was checking the decors on the wall and one definitely caught my eyes. A picture frame that features how much their steak used to be.. I was amazed of how cheap it was and I’m pretty sure the quality of the meat was also great unlike nowadays (well, depending on how much you pay or where you go)..😱

I just couldn’t help but think…IF ONLY we can turn back time..

Rimmel Nail Polish Review/ Nail Polish Update!

Eight days ago I posted my Valentines Day nails or “Polish Of The Week” wearing Rimmel London Nail polishes in Pink-A-Boo, finished it with Rimmel’s clear polish and cleaned the mess with Sally Hansen’s “No More Mistakes” and I just want to share why I am obsessed with these polishes over OPI, ESSIE, China Glaze and etc.

Here’s what it looked like before.. #Day1


As you can see…my nails now are starting to grow and no chip or anything yet.. And that is the reason why I LOVE Rimmel London Nail polishes..👍💅



Note: I took this photo at this very moment while I’m writing this post
to show real time result..😊

Thoughts guys??😊✌️💅😍


I don’t want Flowers… They Die!👎
All I want is U.. Because U last Forever and we Die Together..😍😘

Happy Valentines!!!! 😘❤
(I just want to share the Joy of my Life to you all)