My Valentines Day shade…

Good Morning everyone!
Just dropping by to say Happy Monday and wanted to share my Polish of the week!

I have been doing my nails since I was little because it’s part of our hygiene check at school. Our teachers always check to see if our nails are clean..if we have our own hand kerchief, or if we brought our own comb and we should bring our own powder and cologne.. We have to have our own so we won’t ask or borrow from somebody else.

I am wearing Rimmel London (60 Sec) polish in Pink-A-Boo shade #510 and clear top coat to seal the deal!😜
Also, to clean around my nails I used the Sally Hansen “No More Mistakes” Manicure clean up pen and it’s awesome!!! 😍👍💅


10 thoughts on “My Valentines Day shade…

                1. FilipinoInsideOut

                  I used to love OPI like LOVE LOVE and I have tons because my aunt owns a salon so i get them for free.. But when I tried Rimmel I didn’t go back.. I use them once in a while but I know they will chip quickly.. Even the Essie I heard so many great reviews on them but they disappoint me too.. Let me know when you tried Rimmel..👍

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                  1. Wow, I am so jealous! If I got free OPI nail polish! I’d be in total makeup heaven! ❤ They're $20 a bottle here in Australia! 😦 Aw, that's a shame! I was excited to try some Essie nail polishes since I do like sheer nude/pink nail polishes! I will definitely let you know! 😀

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