Polish of the Week!


Hello my dear friends! Here I am again sharing my Polish of the Week and decided to play with my nail art tools and this is what I came up with. 🙂


You guys know the drill, so let’s get started! Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Easter Inspired Nails…

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter with all the fun egg hunt, bunnies and chocolates!

But before this evening concludes, I just want to share my Easter Inspired Nails featuring my favorite nail polish brand from Rimmel London (60 seconds).

I always make sure that I let my nails breathe for at least a week or two and since it has rested and free from nail polishes so I decided to paint them this time.

I miss playing with colors so I thought this is the perfect time to embrace them again and welcome Easter and Spring both at the same time.. I also used my KISS Nail Art tool to draw the designs on my nails.

So, here it is!

My Easter Inspired Nails.. ❤


I love Rimmel London Nail Polishes because they last long on my nails, very affordable and quick dry, doesn’t stain my nails and the formulation is great!

Here are the shades that I used on my nails:

  • Mind The Gap, Victoria
  • Instyle Coral
  • Alaska
  • District-ly Come Dancing
  • White Hot Love
  • Round And Round In Circles

Here is the finished look!







Polish of the Week!


Well Hello!!! If you’ve read my one year anniversary post (Happy Anniversary?!) I did mention that I’ll share twelve (12) posts in twelve consecutive days. After saying that, I said to myself “REALLY?? DID I just SAY THAT??” I was actually scared that I might not be able to commit to that promise but HEY! Here I am now on my twelfth day and my twelfth post! Hurray to me.. pheww…And Thank’s to All of You as you’ve encouraged me to continue sharing, in fact you made my blogging moment so much fun. 🙂 Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Polish of the Week!💅

A Couple of weeks ago, I used the NYC “Long Wearing” nail enamel/polish for a change and so far it lasted on my nails for at least a week which is a good thing. This time let me try a different brand that I’ve had in my collection for quite sometime now.

Let’s talk Sinful..Yup! You heard it right.. Sinful Colors Professional. I’ve used this before but I didn’t really paid much attention to it until recently. I was going through my nail polish collection and I noticed this shade so I thought why not? So here it is!

2015-20-7--19-43-07As always, I have to apply a base coat prior to the nail polish to avoid nail stain or discoloration on my nails. I used the brand OPI and you can also use the brand of your choice, it just so happened that this is what I have. Then I chose this Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel in the shade Vacation Time #809 and sealed it with Rimmel London Clear coat for a smooth and shiny finish.

2015-20-7--19-43-38I love the shade so much and it’s more on the “mauve’yish-pinkish-nude” shade which looks very elegant that can be worn at any occasion.

So yeah! Another quick post for my Polish of the Week! 🙂


Polish of the Week!

Before we proceed, let me show you a sneak peek of my Rimmel London (60 sec) nail polish collection.. 🙂

IMG_1972Now, let me show you what I have on this week.

I asked you guys as to what shade you would like to see me wearing next and some said Pink while some suggested Yellow. I thought why not try Yellow as I don’t recall wearing this shade before. Luckily, I didn’t have to search that much as I have it in my collection.

I hope you like my shade choice for the week! ❤


Round and Round In Circles (Yellow)/ Red, Steady, Go..(Red)

2015-22-6--21-19-34To give a little fun on my nails, I added a very simple gold nail art. I just placed it on my nails while it’s still wet and sealed it with the Clear Coat also from Rimmel London.

There yah go! I hope you like my Polish of the Week!