Polish of the Week!💅

A Couple of weeks ago, I used the NYC “Long Wearing” nail enamel/polish for a change and so far it lasted on my nails for at least a week which is a good thing. This time let me try a different brand that I’ve had in my collection for quite sometime now.

Let’s talk Sinful..Yup! You heard it right.. Sinful Colors Professional. I’ve used this before but I didn’t really paid much attention to it until recently. I was going through my nail polish collection and I noticed this shade so I thought why not? So here it is!

2015-20-7--19-43-07As always, I have to apply a base coat prior to the nail polish to avoid nail stain or discoloration on my nails. I used the brand OPI and you can also use the brand of your choice, it just so happened that this is what I have. Then I chose this Sinful Colors Professional Nail Enamel in the shade Vacation Time #809 and sealed it with Rimmel London Clear coat for a smooth and shiny finish.

2015-20-7--19-43-38I love the shade so much and it’s more on the “mauve’yish-pinkish-nude” shade which looks very elegant that can be worn at any occasion.

So yeah! Another quick post for my Polish of the Week! 🙂


Polish of the Week!!

Hello everyone! I am sharing with you my nail polish for this week. I am featuring a different nail polish brand this time and as always, I am hoping that this will last me even for at least a week. I went shopping just a few days ago and I thought I needed to purchase another nail polish. I saw this shade so I thought why not give it a go!

As usual, you need a base coat before applying your nail polish and I am using the Base Coat from OPI, my nail polish is from the brand NYC “Long Wearing” nail enamel in the shade Lexington Lilac #147 and since I am not sure if this polish is quick dry, I’ve decided to use the Rimmel London (60 sec) Top Coat to help my nail polish to dry quicker.

                  “without flash and taken indoor”
This photo is taken the next day under a natural light and so far the nail polish is looking good. #impressed

I hope you all like my quick nail polish of the week post! 🙂


Polish of the Week!💅

Another two weeks has gone by and yes! it’s that time again.. 🙂

I’ve decided to go brighter this time and since I’m obsessed with a “corally” shade lately,  I chose this color and I hope this nail polish will last for at least a week! I got this nail polish a couple of months ago as I wanted to try a different brand and I’m hoping that this will make it on top of my list.


  1. Base Coat – OPI
  2. Nail Polish – Wet n’ Wild (wildshine) in the shade Blazed #4738
  3. Clear/Top Coat – Rimmel London (60 seconds)

I’m sure you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned the Sally Hansen “No More Mistakes” Manicure Clean-Up Pen and that is because I haven’t made a mess when I applied my nail polish (round of applause 👏👏please!!!! LOL)✌ 😜

Please let me know on the comment section below as to what shade you think I should try next. 🙂

Have a great week ahead!



Polish of the week!💅🏻

Polish of the week is Polish of the week! HAHA 👍

I found this beautiful shade from Rimmel London (whaatt???😱Rimmel Again!!!) Oh yes, another Rimmel London (60 seconds) Nail Polish and I thought for a change, let’s rock this “green” colored nail polish because I have been feeling this green shade lately.

As always, I start off with OPI Base Coat.. then followed by my desired nail polish Rimmel London (60 seconds) in the shade “DISTRICT-LY COME DANCING” #504 and finished it with a top/clear coat also from Rimmel London (60 seconds). “How I wish Rimmel London will also release a base coat too since they already have a top/clear coat”. 

How about you guys, what shade of nail polish 💅🏻 are you in the mood for this week?😄

So yeah! Have a great week ahead cyber-friends!!🙋

Polish of the Week!👍

Polish of the Week time!

Just a week ago, I bought another nail polish from Rimmel London (60 seconds) and I couldn’t wait to try them on. Finally it’s time for mani-pedi so now I’m able to wear it.

IMG_1409 If you’re wondering how I clean my nails, I always clean them while I’m in the shower. It’s easier to do it that way while you’re leaving your shampoo or conditioner on your hair then take advantage to clean those nails since it’s soaked and those cuticles are soft. Here’s a link on how I prep my nails. 


  • My Base Coat is from OPI
  • Nail Polish is from Rimmel London (60 seconds) in the shade Mind The Gap, Victoria #503.
  • Clear Coat is from Rimmel London (60 seconds)
  • Lastly, to clean those mess I have to end the process with my fave Sally HansenNo More MistakesManicure Clean-up Pen.

And voila!!!!


Enjoy Cyber-Friends! 🙂 ❤