Ok, so here we go again!

Let’s talk about another website where you can buy and sell some unused or pre-loved makeup items.

As I was browsing online just recently, I discovered this website and I was kind of excited. Just like Poshmark some items are brand new while some are slightly used. And again, like I always say if you are not too keen about used items then you might want to check this place out. OR maybe if you just want to sell rather than buy then this is another place for you to venture out.

The website is called MUABS. It’s free to register, very easy to navigate and very affordable too.MUABS is the #1 makeup marketplace for all of your makeup addict needs. From finding inexpensive high-end makeup to selling your personal makeup, MUABS does it all. MUABS was founded August of 2013 in Ann Arbor, Mi with the common goal of bringing various blog sales and internet makeup sales to one central location. Not only is MUABS the best makeup marketplace it is also international. MUABS is truly a ground breaking and one of a kind platform for all your makeup needs.

Here are some example of items that are being sold on this site.

So, what do you guys think? Let me know if you’ve heard about this website before? If not, then here you go!😊👍💅💄

Thank you for dropping by and Thank you for the follow!

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