“Polish of the Week” update..

This is just going to be a short and quick update for you guys.
Couple of weeks ago, I posted my “Polish of the Week” ft. ESSIE nail polish and as promised I’m sharing a photo update of how it looked after two weeks.
Here’s how it looked two weeks ago:
And this is how it looked at exactly two weeks yesterday:
Unlike the Rimmel London (60 sec) nail polish, with ESSIE my nails looked so bad and it chipped badly after a week and I kept them on until yesterday to see how long the polish will stay on and yes! I’m still not sold with ESSIE nail polishes at all. Aside from they are a little bit pricey, they don’t last long on my nails too.
My nails now:
I am not wearing any polish at the moment and I usually do this once a month to let them breath. That’s how I keep my nails grow healthy and to avoid the discolouration on my nails.
Click the link below if you want to check out my blogpost on “Polish of the Week” ft. ESSIE!

4 thoughts on ““Polish of the Week” update..

    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      I’ve never tried it but not interested because I like to clean my nails every week as much as possible.. Aside from it’s pricey it also ruins the nails too..

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      1. Oh I understand I’ve never professionally gotten gel nail polish Applied to my nails, but I had tried sally Hansen and Avon gel nail polish that does not require the UV light. The Sally Hansen chipped right away, but the Avon stayed on for a week and if I double coated it it stayed on for a week and a half. Sally Hansen cost me $7.99 and Avon was extremely reasonable at $4.99. I have never had cause any harm to my nails but maybe that’s because I don’t use the gel all the time.

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        1. FilipinoInsideOut

          I’ve tried the Sally Hansen too even their quick dry and it was such a waste of money.. I love Rimmel Nail polish.. They stayed on for at least 2 weeks.. Sometimes the polish starts to crack but they are still on..👍😊


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