Hello my dear cyber-friends! I went to Ulta for the very first time as we’ve never had Ulta here in where I live. I didn’t buy much as most of the products in Ulta can also be found in Sephora. But, I saw some brands that I’ve never seen before and I saw some drugstore brand that I didn’t notice until I went there. I picked just a few items and here they are.


I am not sure if it’s just me but this brand seemed so familiar but I’ve never own even a single item from the Essence line. The moment I saw this line, I started digging and tried to find something wearable.

The first thing I grabbed is the Essence “All About Paradise” Eyeshadow. Who can resist this eyeshadow? look at the shades/colors of it..It’s so beautiful, so pigmented and perfect for summer. My camera didn’t do justice but if you can see this up-close, OH! for sure you will fall in-love with them. This is in the shade #04 (Paradise).

Six eyeshadow colours harmonising with each other, long-lasting, silky and smooth texture with different effects ranging from matt to shimmer to metallic.

Next item is another eyeshadow and it’s called Essence “3D Eyeshadow” in the shade Irresistible Fullmoon Flash #07. I’ve never had an eyeshadow like this in my mini-collection so I thought why not? In fact, I tried using the lighter shade as an highlighter and hey! it worked. 🙂 Another product that is very pigmented, very smooth, blendable and it’s not “powdery” as well. You can wear this dry and even wet. Overall, great quality!

3D-duo-eyeshadow, irresistible effects & long lasting texture, apply wet for an even more intense effect.

Lipsticks! We can never have enough lip products right? It may be “Yay” or “Nay” but we still gamble and hope for the best..HAHA isn’t it true? Well, I picked two lipsticks that caught my attention as it smells very pleasant. I am a sucker of any products with a pleasant smell. I dislike those that has a very strong scent as it easily gives me headache. So I picked shade #67 (Miss Peach) and shade #12 (Sparkling Miracle). Both felt like a lip balm and it’s a bit shimmery.. Or should I say SHIMMERY!!! when I swatched them at the store, they didn’t seem so shimmery but when I put them on my lips yeah it’s like Christmas on my lips..HAHHAHAHAH but don’t get me wrong, they are so moisturizing though. Maybe I will use this over another lip product since it’s not full coverage lipsticks.

2015-18-7--20-26-44Blush, Blush, Blush.. So far this is one my most favorite item of them all. I love how pigmented this blush is and just by the name itself “silky touch blush” this item is so smooth and it’s just the perfect “Peach” shade that I’ve been looking for in a long time, this blush is very very pretty and I picked the shade Autumn Peach #80. I am definitely sure that this is going to be an item on my next months favorites.

Silky soft blush for a fresh looking complexion all day long.

Last item from the Essence line that I got is a mascara. This is called LASHmania reloaded (false lash mascara). I am not sure if this would be an item that I will love but so far it seemed like it’s great. I’ve tried this a couple of times and it did not irritate my eyes. My lashes seemed really long, it gave good volume and zero clump too. I don’t think that it’s waterproof but it didn’t smudge nor flaked on me. I guess I am loving this already.


In addition to the Essence beauty products, I also picked another Rimmel London lipstick in the shade Coral Britannia #630. This shade is very subtle and as always very wearable. If you are in the mood for an “ombre-look” lips, then this is also the best shade to use.


Last but not the least, I had to go to Sephora just to pick up my favorite Glam Glow “Youthmud” Tinglexfoliate Treatment. This is honestly my savior when I was dealing with my “sparkles” pimples few months ago. Since I discovered this bad boy, I know my sparkles won’t turn as scary as it was. I use this “Youthmud” Tinglexfoliate Treatment every time I feel that a pimple is about to come out, I only dab a tiny amount on the pimple and in the morning, it’s gone! I only got the sample size as this last me for a while.


I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! 🙂 ❤

Bonus: OOTD

(Top: F21) (Shorts: A&F) (Bag: Dooney & Burke) (Shoes: F21) (Sunglasses: H&M)



10 thoughts on “Mini-Beauty-Haul!

  1. Ulta is just like makeup heaven, isn’t it? ^_^ Essence is great –especially the blushessss! they’re silky smooth! and they’re pretty well priced too which is the best part 😀

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