Woohhoo.. I have been nominated by two awesome bloggers Evolvinglolo and The Sassy Editor. These lovely bloggers talks about fashion to food to just about anything. Go check their pages guys and learn more about them!



  • Mention the person who nominated you.
  • Share 10 things you love and 10 things you hate.
  • Tag up to 10 bloggers.

10 things I hate:

  1. Body odor “under-arm” to be specific. There are tons of deodorant out there and why not grab one??
  2. Ungrateful people
  3. People that loves to brag about anything
  4. Lazy people
  5. Sardines
  6. Broccoli
  7. Unclean nails (both hands and feet)
  8. Reality shows
  9. Ugly handwriting (sorry)
  10. No Common Sense

10 things I love: (This is easy)

  1. Pleasant Smell (anything)
  2. Vinegar
  3. Hot sauce
  4. Shoes
  5. Clothes
  6. Purses
  7. Makeup
  8. Winter
  9. Balloon
  10. Taking a selfie?? HAHA.. 😛

Now here are my nominees:

  1. fowlalpha
  2. Chic & Cheap
  3. beautyminatii
  4. atkokosplace
  5. Sustainable Daisy
  6. Dani Petry
  7. Faith
  8. Kayla Bae
  9. stash matters
  10. Dorkchops

It says 10 things so I didn’t include my friends, family, hubby and my baby (shih tzu). 🙂



4 thoughts on “LOVE/HATE TAG

    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      Selfie stick is what we called a Monopod back home in the Philippines. I’ve had it way before it became popular here. I actually used it over a year ago when I watch Bruno Mars concert and people were looking at me like I was an idiot.. Hahahahahah oh well.. They don’t know me and won’t see me after so I didnt care.. LOL😆😆😆

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