Polish of the Week!

Another quick Polish of the week post for you nail polish lovers.

This time, I was in the mood to do a little bit more than just one shade so I added a little bit of design.

Everytime I do my nails, I always make sure that I apply a base coat before the nail polish itself. I find that the base coat helps protect my nails from getting stained, it also helps the nail polish to hold and last longer too. I always use the Base Coat from OPI.

After applying the base coat then it’s nail polish time. I picked the shade Out of the Blue (844)  from my favorite brand Rimmel London (60 seconds). I chose this darker shade for fall since I felt like it’s getting colder now.. well not so much but you can already tell that the cold weather is in the air.

Finished it with the Top Coat from OPI since I ran out of my fave Rimmel London’s top coat/clear coat. 😦

To clean up all the mess, I used this awesome Sally Hansen “No More Mistakes” Manicure Clean-Up Pen.


I wanted a tiny bit of sparkle so I added a few jewels on.


Here’s a closer look! 🙂


Let me know what you guys think? and don’t forget to leave your comments below.. 🙂

Until Next Time!! ❤


10 thoughts on “Polish of the Week!

    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      Really? I didn’t know that someone can be allergic to nail polish? Sorry to hear that..😔 but that’s for liking my post though!😊


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