Black Radiance Perfect Tone…


In continuation of my Black Radiance Eye Appeal… post is a lip color that captured my attention too. I’ve never tried their lipsticks so why not purchase a couple and share a quick review.

Look how gorgeous these shades are? The packaging is beautiful too. I also like the safe lipstick cap compared to Wet n Wild MegaLast lipstick (which I really wish they will improve it). I am sucker of anything with a hint of gold and that’s probably what drew me into this lip color as well.

I purchased two colors that is a little bit too bright for my normal shade options.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate how vibrant these lipsticks are.

These lip colors are very creamy, super smooth and they are legit long lasting and it’s enriched with vitamins A and E . After I swatched them, it took me a while to remove the lipstick stain on my hands. They are full coverage with a sufficient shine which I actually like and to think, I am more of a matte finish kinda’ gal. They feel very light on the lips and moisturizing too! Meaning.. they are non-drying which is a huge plus. Another great thing about this lip color is that they are very affordable as it only cost me $1.99 for each (I bought mine at Walgreens). Highly recommended for you to try!

See how bright this shades are? I am not sure if I can pull them off but I am for sure I will rock them one day. 🙂

Quick TipFor longer wear, apply lipstick, blot with tissue and reapply.

There you have it!



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