Black Radiance Eye Appeal…


Just a few weeks ago, I posted a photo of Black Radiance Eyeshadow palette on my Instagram account. I’ve seen this brand for quite sometime now but I never really paid much attention to it.

However, I was intrigued by this eyeshadow as it looks very similar to the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Collection.  

Now, let me show you what I’m talking about.

Black Radiance EYE APPEAL SHADOW COLLECTION comes in eight gorgeous shades and are very pigmented too. I picked up this Downtown Browns palette because I find it very useful for an everyday look. It comes in neutrals, dark and some shimmers as well.

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Black Radiance® empowers and inspires women of color through beauty.We recognize and understand the needs across a diverse range of ethnic skin tones. By combining high style with the latest technology, Black Radiance® offers a variety of sheer to vivid lip and eye color, plus, exclusively formulated face cosmetics that meet the distinct needs of her skin type and not just skin color.”

Here are some swatches.. 🙂


 If you like the pigmentation of the Wet n Wild’s eyeshadow collection then you will love this for sure.This eyeshadow is very smooth, super silky and you can mix and match to create a different looks or you can even use it just by itself.


(The camera didn’t do justice on this swatches but the shades are beautiful up-close)
Product Description
Eye Appeal™ Shadow Collection features a luxurious palette of 8 silky, ultra-pigmented shades in matte, pearl, metallic and shimmering finishes to create endless day to night looks. The long lasting formula strokes on smoothly and blends beautifully. Each palette features captivating colors with imprinted application guide, as well as a dual-ended eye shadow applicator and beauty tips to create 4 different looks from chic to seductive. Experiment with color. Creates endless variety of gorgeous looks to match any occasion or mood. Create your own new Eye-dentity!

Here is a quick comparison between Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection and Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Collection. Both palette comes in eight beautiful shades with dual- ended eyeshadow applicator, embossed with easy-to-follow “how to” directions, similar in packaging, pigmentation, can be purchased at your local drugstores AND most importantly, they’re Not Tested on Animals! ❤

Black Radiance cost $6.28 while Wet n Wild cost $4.78 (prices may vary from store to store). I purchased mine at Walmart.

Another thing that I discovered about this brand is that they are both distributed by Markwins Beauty Products, Inc. and that’s probably the reason why they look very much alike.

Now, what’s my verdict on this Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection?

  • The pigmentation and shade options are great!
  • Price wise, I will purchase the Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette since both are similar in almost all aspects though Wet n Wild is much cheaper.
  • But all in all, I’m pleased with this purchase.

well…That’s it! 🙂

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Black Radiance Eye Appeal…

  1. Wow, the two palettes look pretty much exactly alike except for the ‘Accent’ instead of ‘Definer’.

    The palette you chose has really lovely colours, except weird that they called it Downtown Browns when most of the shades lean more purple!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this brand in the Walmarts where I live, but maybe that’s because I just glance at them and think they’re Wet n Wild palettes.

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      I really think they’re pretty new.. I’ve been checking this brand as CVS all the time but never seen this palette until recently.. I had to take a second look coz I thought it’s Wet N Wild.. But it’s not.. But yeah!! Very similar.. If you won’t look closer then you will really think it’s WnW..👍🏻😊

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  2. Yup, they’re both owned by the same company, Markwin! 🙂 Black Radiance is harder to come by though – I hardly ever seen them around here. I liked some of their products especially eye shadows, blushes and lipsticks because they have higher pigment.

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