Cameo Modern Matte Lip Cream


I’m back with this new find from Burlington Coat Factory. I’ve been seeing this item for a while now so I decided to just give it a try. It looks really pretty and super affordable so why not check it out!

I’m talking about this never heard Modern Matte Lip Cream from Cameo Cosmetics.


This is a 5pcs matte lip cream set that only cost $5.99 at Burlington Coat Factory compared to $15.00 in Amazon.


Let’s take a closer look!


 Product Description

Get the right look for any occasion with this five-piece makeup set. With a variety of matte lipsticks ranging from soft pink to bold fuchsia, you’ll never be without the perfect shade again!

  • Includes: 5- .09 oz lipsticks
  • Ingredients: Ethylhexyl palmitate, mica, beeswax, kaolin, talc, ozekerite, polybutene, copernicia cerifera wax, silica, propylparaben. May Contain: D&C red no 7, D&C red no 6, titanium dioxide, iron oxide yellow and red, D&C red 27 lake, D&C red 21 lake, manganese violet 16, FD&C blue no 1 AI lake.



  • How’s the formulation? – Pretty good so far!
  • How about the pigmentation? – Very pigmented.
  • Is this really matte? – NO! It’s a little glossy, but if you pat a clean tissue on your lips, then it takes away the shine and stays semi-matte all day.
  • Does it bleed? – A little bit, but not messy when it does.
  • Is it transfer proof? – NO! you have to be very careful when you’re wearing light-colored clothing because it will definitely transfer or when it touches anything.
  •  Is it long-lasting? – YES! I wore this the entire time at work (7:30AM-4:00PM) and I did not re-apply at all.
  • Does it have any scent? – Yes, but not all of them. Shade LC-A05 does smell like bubblegum, LC-A04 smells like vanilla while the rest of the shades doesn’t have any scent at all.
  • How is the applicator? – It’s Ok! nothing special.. it’s thin and tiny but at least it does it’s job. 🙂
  • How long have you been using this product? – I’ve been putting this to the test for over a month now.
  • Is this lip cream drying or moisturizing? – Surprisingly moisturizing! Definitely non-drying.
  • Is this cruelty-free product? – That is the question that I can’t answer. I tried browsing online to find this info but I didn’t have any luck! I even browsed their FB page but it’s not listed on their “About Section”. (So I guess the answer is NO?)
  • Would you recommend this Cameo Modern Matte Lipsticks? – If you are looking for a very affordable lip cream set and wants to explore outside the normal drugstore or high-end products then yes!
  • Any downside(s)? – This is not Matte at all. The shade option in this set is not very wearable, I can only wear MAYBE three shades max and this lipstick is not transfer-proof.
  • Any favorite shade amongst them all? – I have been loving shade LC-A04, really nice for an everyday wear. It’s a mauve-pink shade which I love.
  • Will you repurchase this Lip Cream? – Maybe. But I would prefer if they sell this individually because some shades in this set just does not look good on me.


And that’s it!

Have you guys tried or even seen this Cameo Cosmetics brand before?



8 thoughts on “Cameo Modern Matte Lip Cream

  1. Never heard of this brand. And I don’t know why they call this a matte if it’s not MATTE! Also, I agree, sets are sometimes a trap because there’s always at least ONE colour you wouldn’t wear!

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      I know.. I was really hoping that it’s MATTE! but yeah.. apparently, it stays matte when you wipe the excess off.. hahahah.. and yup! the rest of the shades are going to the giveaway tray.. 🙂


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