Polish of the Week!💅🏻


What’s up guys!!

Since Mr. Sun is out and about, I thought why not do something really fun and colorful for my nail design this week.  This is my very first attempt to do this so please bare with me and I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s nail art for this is definitely a super easy one.

Before all the craziness starts, I had to apply this Rimmel London-Rita Ora (60 seconds) nail polish in the shade White Hot Love as my base nail color.

Then everything follows….

  1. Rimmel London – Round And Round In Circles
  2. Rimmel London – District-ly Come Dancing
  3. Rimmel London – Out Of The Blue
  4. Salon Perfect – Purple Petal
  5. Rimmel London – Instyle Coral
  6. Pure Ice – Studette

And there you go!!!

A Tie Dye nail design for everyone. ❤




4 thoughts on “Polish of the Week!💅🏻

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      this is my first try, just want to play with my polishes so it won’t dry out.. and Thanks! I am also playing with my background.. you know..hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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