H&M (mini) Makeup Haul


I’ve been wanting to try the makeup products from H&M but unfortunately, our H&M stores here in Albany, New York doesn’t carry the ones that I’ve been looking for.

During my quick trip down to New York City, I decided to check the H&M stores for some cool stuff. Originally, I was a bit disappointed because their makeup display was empty but hubby saw their clearance shelves and all makeup products were there which gave me hope! 🙂

I didn’t get a lot because they only had a few left but glad I found some that I really liked. So without further talk, let me show you what I bought.


Products purchased:

  • Powder Blush in Soft Russet ($9.99) – paid $3.00
  • Powder Blush in Rosy Brown ($9.99) – paid $3.00
  • Cream Blush in Cameo Brown ($9.99) – paid $3.00
  • Eyeshadow in CHIN CHIN ($6.99) – paid $2.00
  • Eyeshadow in LOVE LETTER ($6.99) – paid $2.00
  • Cream Lipstick in Cream Chestnut ($9.99) – paid $3.00

IMG_4312For some reason, I couldn’t find the cream blush on the H&M website, perhaps this product is now discontinued. Also, I have not used any of these items yet since I’ve been enjoying the Inglot products that I hauled during this trip too. If you haven’t seen my Inglot mini haul, just click HERE for full post.

And that’s it! Have you guys tried any of these items? Do you like them?




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