#Day 16

It’s the 16th day since I made a promise that I won’t be purchasing any Makeup for the entire month of April April Promise!. It was actually easy for the first few days but now it’s getting harder and harder every single day. What makes it even harder is that my office is just right across CVS Pharmacy so the temptation is very very high! 😛

Today, I just checked my email and guess what I found?

A 25% of coupon!!!!! OMG… This is so hard to resist..Please help me..🙏hahahah…huhuhuh.. I guess this is what happens when you are a “shopaholic” right? But, I am almost at the finish line so I am not going to fail us all. 🙂

So yeah! I just want to give you all an update.. (but that’s 25% off though! can I cheat??hehehe)

Talk to you soon cyber-friends!