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For today’s post, I will be sharing my thoughts on a foundation that I recently bought and has been put to the test for a few weeks now.

You guys know that I am a loyal Rimmel London Foundation gal and it’s very hard for me to try something new. However, this Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection Face Makeup SPF20 caught my eyes while I was browsing at Ocean State Job Lot just over a month ago.

In case you are wondering what is Ocean State Job Lot, here is a quick overview for you.

Ocean State Job Lot opened for business in 1977 as a single store operation in North Kingstown, RI. The idea was to sell brand name, first quality products at closeout prices. We understood that people work hard for their money. Our job was to deliver the best values possible. That was the idea then and that’s still our goal today. Although we are known as a closeout company, we prefer to think of ourselves as opportunistic merchants.

Now, let’s talk about the product!


The moment I saw this Calvin Klein CK One foundation on display, I immediately went to check them out and see if they happen to have my shade. They did have two shade options, Porcelain and Sand. Porcelain is more on the lighter shade while Sand is a little bit too dark for my skin tone.

I’m sure to some the bottle is decent, but I personally find it a little bit annoying. I am all about space “saver” and not space “consumer”. This bottle takes up space on my vanity compared to my other foundation bottles.

CKOne foundation

However –

I love the pump on this foundation though, it’s very precise that only gives you one pump and not messy at all.


I love that this is a matte finish and does have a very pleasant smell. I applied this foundation using different methods (well after  applying moisturizer an all).

First, I used my foundation brush from  BH Cosmetics. The result was OK, it didn’t give me a smooth finish even after I applied my tarte cosmetics – smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder.

Second, I applied this foundation using my all time favorite Stylewurks Sculpting Makeup Sponge (damped). The result was a little bit better but still not impressed. I am all about smooth, flawless finish and this foundation didn’t provide me that look.

Lastly, I had to apply this foundation using my fingers hoping that manual application will work..but then again, it was OK, I prefer using the makeup sponge than my fingers.


Now, to rate this Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection Face Makeup SPF20I’m giving this foundation 2 out of 10. 2 because it’s matte finish which I like, but it did not give me that smooth, flawless finish that I want in a foundation. It does turn “cakey” after a long period of time especially when you apply powder over it to retouch, it does have a thick consistency, also makes my skin looking dull and non-glowing, I’m glad I only paid $5.00 for this product as it’s definitely disappointing.

After doing some research, I found out that this foundation has been discontinued (I won’t even ask why?) but you can still purchase this through and Ebay  if interested.

However, I will give this product one last chance and maybe, just maybe it will work better this time (LOL).

And there you have it!

Have you guys tried this foundation?



Top 3 ft. Topshop!


When I hear the word TOPSHOP, I think about clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. But Topshop has great beauty products too!

In this post, I will be sharing my Top 3 beauty items from Topshop.


Do It Again powder blush is such a gorgeous shade, very pigmented, super lightweight and the color payoff is just amazing when it touches your cheeks. The packaging is very compact, convenient to carry around, not too small and not too big either, this comes with a mirror which makes it even better. This perfect PEACH shade has a very subtle shimmer which makes your skin glow beautifully.

(FYI: I dropped this blush a few times and it’s still in-tact)

Powder blush containing light reflecting pigments, for natural radiant glow


SUNBEAM (Gold) Highlighter is the only highlighter that I’ve reached the most. It may look “yellowish” or “goldish” in the picture or up-close but this product is just one of a kind. Just like the powder blush, this highlighter is very pigmented, not powdery and the shimmer is just perfect for your skin. I’ve used this multiple times and they still look untouched. I normally uses my fingertips when applying this highlighter as I feel like it glides better and applies better on my skin. The only thing that I wish this highlighter has is a mirror. But I mean, for the price and quality? I guess I can skip that mirror part. Right?

Shimmering silky golden highlighter to add lightness and radiance to face and body


I almost forgot that I have this lipstick, I purchased this when I went to NYC back in December. This lipstick is so smooth on the lips, the pigmentation is awesome, the packaging is adorable and the price is super affordable. I got the shade ROLE MODEL (FUSCHIA) and this is a matte finish lipstick which I love. Look at the last photo below, this lipstick is obviously long lasting. I used a damped paper towel to remove them and it doesn’t want to leave my skin!

Matte finish lipstick to smooth, moisturise and nourish lips. Apply for fabulous colour and moisturised, matte finish, wear alone or with gloss for a shiny finish

Fun Facts: All TOPSHOP products are imported and shipped from the UK.

Verdict: I never regret purchasing any of these items. From the product,
the packaging (If you’ve seen my last post Jewelry Obsessed! you know that I love “stars) and the price… it’s worth every penny.


“I wish we have Topshop store around as I would prefer seeing the
product up-close than purchasing online without me swatching or seeing how
the color or shade would look on my skin”.

Have you guys tried any TOPSHOP beauty products? and what is your favorite from their beauty collection?

Until next time…



Mascara Collection/Review

Just a couple of weeks back I had to clean up my makeup pile and got rid of some items that I don’t really use and kept the ones that I know I love. First item that I thought I’d share with you is something that I use daily. Though I don’t wear any eyeshadows or makeup everyday, I like to have some mascara’s on.

I narrowed my mascaras down to eight. Why eight? I am not sure but it just so happened that I ended up keeping eight. Continue reading “Mascara Collection/Review”

Rimmel Nail Polish Review/ Nail Polish Update!

Eight days ago I posted my Valentines Day nails or “Polish Of The Week” wearing Rimmel London Nail polishes in Pink-A-Boo, finished it with Rimmel’s clear polish and cleaned the mess with Sally Hansen’s “No More Mistakes” and I just want to share why I am obsessed with these polishes over OPI, ESSIE, China Glaze and etc.

Here’s what it looked like before.. #Day1


As you can see…my nails now are starting to grow and no chip or anything yet.. And that is the reason why I LOVE Rimmel London Nail polishes..👍💅



Note: I took this photo at this very moment while I’m writing this post
to show real time result..😊

Thoughts guys??😊✌️💅😍