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For today’s post, I will be sharing my thoughts on a foundation that I recently bought and has been put to the test for a few weeks now.

You guys know that I am a loyal Rimmel London Foundation gal and it’s very hard for me to try something new. However, this Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection Face Makeup SPF20 caught my eyes while I was browsing at Ocean State Job Lot just over a month ago.

In case you are wondering what is Ocean State Job Lot, here is a quick overview for you.

Ocean State Job Lot opened for business in 1977 as a single store operation in North Kingstown, RI. The idea was to sell brand name, first quality products at closeout prices. We understood that people work hard for their money. Our job was to deliver the best values possible. That was the idea then and that’s still our goal today. Although we are known as a closeout company, we prefer to think of ourselves as opportunistic merchants.

Now, let’s talk about the product!


The moment I saw this Calvin Klein CK One foundation on display, I immediately went to check them out and see if they happen to have my shade. They did have two shade options, Porcelain and Sand. Porcelain is more on the lighter shade while Sand is a little bit too dark for my skin tone.

I’m sure to some the bottle is decent, but I personally find it a little bit annoying. I am all about space “saver” and not space “consumer”. This bottle takes up space on my vanity compared to my other foundation bottles.

CKOne foundation

However –

I love the pump on this foundation though, it’s very precise that only gives you one pump and not messy at all.


I love that this is a matte finish and does have a very pleasant smell. I applied this foundation using different methods (well after  applying moisturizer an all).

First, I used my foundation brush from  BH Cosmetics. The result was OK, it didn’t give me a smooth finish even after I applied my tarte cosmetics – smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder.

Second, I applied this foundation using my all time favorite Stylewurks Sculpting Makeup Sponge (damped). The result was a little bit better but still not impressed. I am all about smooth, flawless finish and this foundation didn’t provide me that look.

Lastly, I had to apply this foundation using my fingers hoping that manual application will work..but then again, it was OK, I prefer using the makeup sponge than my fingers.


Now, to rate this Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection Face Makeup SPF20I’m giving this foundation 2 out of 10. 2 because it’s matte finish which I like, but it did not give me that smooth, flawless finish that I want in a foundation. It does turn “cakey” after a long period of time especially when you apply powder over it to retouch, it does have a thick consistency, also makes my skin looking dull and non-glowing, I’m glad I only paid $5.00 for this product as it’s definitely disappointing.

After doing some research, I found out that this foundation has been discontinued (I won’t even ask why?) but you can still purchase this through and Ebay  if interested.

However, I will give this product one last chance and maybe, just maybe it will work better this time (LOL).

And there you have it!

Have you guys tried this foundation?



2 thoughts on “Calvin Klein CK One All Day Perfection…

  1. Oh that’s disappointing. The bottle is really cute looking though, for some reason I find rounded squat bottles “cute”. But I guess it wasn’t too painful that this foundation didn’t work for you since it was only $5. Perhaps you can mix the foundation with serum or a dewy foundation to make it a better finish?

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    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      I tried missing it with my Rimmel Foundation since Rimmel is a little bit “liquidy” but I still didn’t like it. I might try using it with BB cream next time.. Hehe


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