Here we go again!

As I said on my previous blog.. If given the chance to change the term “Hump Day” then I would call it “Rest-Day Wednesday”.. No matter how I tried, my mind and body just dislike Wednesday.. BUT!!! I found something that kept me company throughout my busy day.. This may sound pathetic or insane but Hey! Whatever works.. Right??

I have this balloon in my cubicle for awhile now and today it’s about to retire.. It’s still floating but not as high as it was.. So I decided to draw a smiley face with a pretty pink blush to make me smile every time I glance at it and TAAADDAHHH!!! It worked! It even made my colleagues smile and laughed at the same time..
What’s important is….I made it through the day and now I am off and is heading my way home!!

My thought of the day- “Find ways that will cheer you up” in a crazy busy day! 😊👍😜


TGIF and it’s snowing outside!❄️

Thank God It’s Friday! but just the thought of going to work doesn’t help.. It’s snowing outside and I am just not a Friday person.. Friday is one of my least favourite day of the week and if you read my first blog Monday is my favourite.. To me Friday seems too long though it’s hectic and crazy most of the time..but it’s just uugghhh…😱😕 Crawling…dragging…and loongg!!! Can we just skip Friday instead? But hey! look what’s on my work-desk to cheer me up! THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!! (And i’ll take it)😃


Do you believe??

Every year we receive tokens/presents from our superiors at work with a note saying “THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!blah blah blah…” At first I was so flattered and felt very honored that my hard work got noticed.. But, year-after year-after year.. They said the same exact thing and nothing have changed.. No promotion nor pay increases.. This made me think, Do I really have to believe them? Or just go with the flow and just do what you gotta do! If they truly appreciate then fine..If not then..OH WELL!!!

Do you feel the same way too??😱😕