Here we go again!

As I said on my previous blog.. If given the chance to change the term “Hump Day” then I would call it “Rest-Day Wednesday”.. No matter how I tried, my mind and body just dislike Wednesday.. BUT!!! I found something that kept me company throughout my busy day.. This may sound pathetic or insane but Hey! Whatever works.. Right??

I have this balloon in my cubicle for awhile now and today it’s about to retire.. It’s still floating but not as high as it was.. So I decided to draw a smiley face with a pretty pink blush to make me smile every time I glance at it and TAAADDAHHH!!! It worked! It even made my colleagues smile and laughed at the same time..
What’s important is….I made it through the day and now I am off and is heading my way home!!

My thought of the day- “Find ways that will cheer you up” in a crazy busy day! 😊👍😜


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