Polish of the Week!

Luckily the snowy days are almost over so I have decided to wear a brighter shade this week.

But let me give you some tips on how to make your nail polish last a little bit longer while doing it at home.

  1. Clean your nails properly. (If you don’t have time to spend cleaning your nails, you can do this while you’re in the shower). Bring yourΒ Nail Cuticle Pusher in the shower and while your letting your shampoo or conditioner stay on your hair for a few minutes, then this is the perfect time for your Nail Cuticle Pusher to work. This way, it’s easier to clean because your nails are soaked and wet.
  2. If you’re tired of having those long nails, then this is the time you will need to use a Nail Clipper. Cut your nails the way you want it to be and since your nails are now clean. This is easier for you to cut them into the length of your choice.
  3. Nail File is one of my go to nail tools for my nails. I carry them all the time in my purse and they are the best tool to smoothen those sharp annoying edges on your nails. This will also avoid chipping since there’s no broken edges that will break your nails and nail polish.
  4. I have never tried taking cuticle when I do my manicure but I use them when doing a pedicure. So now this is where our Nail Cuticle NipperΒ comes in. If you are not used to use this, You can just skip it. However, if you use this carefully and safely then it should be easier for you to work them. This will make those nails look like a salon mani-pedi.

Now let’s move on to the fun part.

I used to apply nail polish directly to my nails and I noticed that they turned my nails to this yellowish color and they brittle or break so easily.

Here are some of my nail polish essentials.

  • The moment I discovered the Base Coat for nails, I never apply nail polish directly on my nails anymore. I also noticed that with base coat, they protect my nails from discoloration and makes the nail polish last even longer. It also helps the nail polish glide on easily, evenly and smoothly.
  • Apply your desired Nail Polish. You can even play with different shades or even use some nail arts. There are quite a lot of affordable easy to use nail art everywhere and you can even browse online for some DIY nail art ideas.
  • Top Coat makes a lot of difference to the look of you nails or nail polish. It also help protects your nail polish and makes them look shiny with a smooth finish.
  • To clean the unwanted nail polish around the area, you can use Q-tips or your old angled brush and dip them in your nail polish remover OR when you get the chance, you can also try my new-found fave that makes my life sooo much easier when painting my nails and that is the Sally Hansen “No More Mistakes” manicure clean-up pen. This is very affordable and I purchased mine at Walmart for less than $7.00 only.

Lastly, it’s time to take a nail selfie!πŸ“·HahaπŸ˜πŸ‘

What I’m currently wearing:

  1. OPI Base Coat
  2. Rimmel London (60 sec) in shade #873 “Breakfast in Bed”
  3. Rimmel London (60 sec) in shade #810 “Precious Metal”
  4. Rimmel London (60 sec) #740 “Clear”
  • If you noticed, I used mostly Rimmel London nail polishes because they are one of the best polishes I’ve ever tried and YES! They are true to their (60 sec) rule.. Very quick dry!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ‘

So there you go! I hope I’m able to help you in some ways.πŸ˜‰


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    1. FilipinoInsideOut

      Thank you so much!! I was hoping I will be able to capture the color perfectly since I only used my iphone camera.. But I’m glad it came out the way I wanted. πŸ™‚

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