Philippine Haul (the long overdue)

Philippine Haul

Finally, the time has come and I will be sharing my mini Philippine Haul.

If you’re not aware, I went home to the Philippines a few months ago and if you want to know more about my Surprise Trip  (a REAL surprise trip), you can head over to Beauty Podcast episode #19 (December 22, 2016).

But, enough with the introduction and let’s check out a few items that I got. I will indicate the closest US dollar conversion for you to make an easier price comparison.



I’ve checked most beauty section available but majority of the products that I swatched have either chunky or fine shimmer which I do not like in a blush. These three blushes right here are the ones that caught my attention with high hopes. But I took a gamble since no testers available on any of the three.

  • Mix Cheek Powder – I got this from the Daiso Japan Store a store that sells mostly Japanese products (but, they also carry some items made in China, Korea and etc.). This store is super affordable depending on what you’re looking for. I bought this blush because of its shade (peachy/corally shade) and its cute design. I like the matte blushes (bottom two) while the top two shades are a little “effy”. It’s too shimmery and it has a lot of fallouts that I couldn’t wear at all. Luckily, I only paid Ρ88.00 (U$D1.83) so it’s pretty much nothing to lose.
  • Ivy Beauty BB Gold Medal Powder – I’ve never heard of this brand before even during the time that I used to live there. I found this blush at Gaisano Mall’s makeup section. Gaisano Mall is one of the oldest and most convenient malls in our city . This blush caught my attention because it reminded me a lot of the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso. I’ve worn this a few times and so far so good.  This is in the shade “Candy pink breath the romance love” (I think that’s the shade.. LOL) and this blush cost me Ρ108.00 (U$D2.25). This product is made in China and surprisingly a cruelty free product. SAY WHAT?? LOL 🙂
  • Maybelline Color Show Blush in Creamy Cinnamon – I thought I’d purchase this blush though Maybelline is very accessible here in the U.S just because I want to check out the quality and compare them to what we have here. This blush reminds me a lot of the Dream Bouncy Blush which I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. This Maybelline Color Show Blush is only available in the Philippines and this retails for only 149.00 pesos (U$D3.10). This Creamy Cinnamon shade is beautiful, very pigmented and super smooth. I am obsessed with this blush and I’ve already worn this a few times.



The Mix Cheek Powder is difficult to photograph as it doesn’t register on the camera no matter what I do. I will try to write a separate review on these items when a more better lighting is available.




At last! I finally got a few items from Etude House. I have been wanting to try this brand for so long but I just didn’t get the chance to see or swatch them up-close. Fortunately, there’s Etude House store in one of the malls back home and I had to check them out.

  • Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in Ivory Baby Star – This bling bling eye stick came in seven shade options, but I ended up getting the Ivory Baby Star. I love the subtle shimmer that it brings to your eye look and this is also pretty on the lower lash line. This eye stick reminds me of the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour that a lot of makeup enthusiasts are raving about. This Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick was on sale for Ρ248.00 (U$D5.16). You can also find this item HERE .
  • Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner – I don’t have a lot of lip liners in my collection and Etude House had these beautiful mauve/nude shade that caught my attention. Infact, I never intended to buy a lip liner but for Ρ198.00 each (U$D4.12) I grabbed a couple. You can also find this Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner HERE.





Etude House is not budget friendly for regular consumers so when they go on sale, you had to take advantage so you won’t miss out. This happened to me when I saw the Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Powder-Wash which I shared a post on my Instagram account but I never realized it’s that saleable. I actually went back the day after to purchase one but I missed the chance and they were sold out. Original retail price was Ρ999.00 (U$D20.00) and was on sale for 599.00 pesos (U$D12.47).

Here are some snaps of their products.




Like what I mentioned on Beauty Podcast, a lot of brands sells powder foundation. So while browsing around, I saw a display of this Apple Cosmetics which is a product of the Philippines. I was really searching for a brand that is made in the Philippines but it’s difficult as most of the items were made in China.

  • Apple Two Way Cake Foundation in Cherry Blossom – Let me head straight to the scent of this powder foundation. The smell reminds me a lot of my mom (long time ago) when no better foundation options were available. It has a SUPER strong powder scent that brings back a ton of old childhood memories. Great memories by the way! This two way cake foundation can be used as a setting powder or foundation at the same time. This retails for only Ρ165.00 (U$D3.43).

Cherry Blossom



When you purchase anything in the Philippines majority of the stores place them in a plastic bag with the receipt attached or simply like this photo. Aside from that, there is a “No Return, No Exchange Policy” in most of the stores not unless they gave you the wrong item. If I’m not mistaken, you can’t return but you can exchange some items (depending on the store) but only until before the store closes the same day you purchased the item. But like I said, it varies and not all stores allow this. *yup! it sucks*


  • Nature Republic Botanical Stick Concealer in Natural – This concealer is a bit expensive for Philippine price point, it cost me Ρ298.00 (U$D6.20) for 1.5g and they only have two shade choices which is (01)Nude and (02)Natural. This concealer is very creamy and easy to blend but it’s medium coverage so it doesn’t cover any impurities if that’s what you’re looking for. One downside about this concealer is the smell. It smells like fish oil. I tried searching for the ingredients of this product but I couldn’t find one. All I know is that, this product is made with natural/botanical ingredients and is made in Korea.

Nature Republic


Who doesn’t love a good skincare products? well, I got two items that I find very interesting.

  • iWhite Korea “The Original” Nose Pack – Whiteheads & Blackheads Remover. This is a 50ml tube that retails for Ρ199.00 (U$D4.14).
  • Pore Care Pack Natural Charcoal – Another item that I purchased at Daiso Japan Store. This pack comes in 4 sheets for Ρ88.00 (U$D1.88) and is made in Korea. You can also find this in Amazon.

Nose Pack



I was very intrigued with this bright pink packaging so I had to stop and checked it out.

  • Bobbie Cosmetics Spectacular Lid Palette in ES 01 – This is an eyeshadow quad that has a super unique packaging. A cute mirror and a double ended eyeshadow sponge applicator. I was really excited because this is another product made in the Philippines and it retails for Ρ110.00 (U$D2.29).



I am very picky when it comes to perfume or cologne or anything that involves scents. But when I saw this Flor De Mayo Eau de Toilette, I had to take a sniff. If I recall correctly, they came in several scents but the rest were just too “fruity” or “florally”

  • Flor De Mayo Eau De Toilette 50Ml in Fleur De Figuier – Is best described as fruity. But this may be fruity, I still love the scent so much. It has a sophisticated touch to it that isn’t too strong or it doesn’t have this overwhelming smell when sprayed on your skin or when it touches your clothes. My hubby even liked the scent which is a huge plus. The bottle is so elegant and a tiny amount last a long time. This is a product from Spain and it cost me only Ρ450.00 (U$D9.37) which I find super affordable!




  • Nichido Cosmetics – This brand has been in the market for as far as I can remember. But none of their items appealed to me because they are on the shimmery side which I don’t like. I’m sure some of you will like some of their products (if there’s one available near you) but their items aren’t meant for me. I had to settle to this retractable lip liner brush because I badly needed one and so far so good. This cost me Ρ60.00 (U$D1.25) which is not bad at all.

Lip Liner

Nichido display




I don’t know about you but I love me some minty menthol oil when I’m having a headache or when I want some body massage. This Superscent Oil is widely used back home for when someone is sick. This is a multi-use oil that is also good for stomach pain, body pain, muscle pain or when my asthma attacks then the camphor, menthol and eucalyptus helps me breath freely. You can also find this HERE.

Kaufmann Medicated Sulfur Soap is my all time go-to body soap when I get some skin irritation or rashes from soap or shampoo that I use. Like I said, I am very sensitive not just on my face but with my entire body as well. This sulfur soap is very effective, proven and tested by yours truly. 🙂


A Bonne Hair Spa Milk Protein Intensive Nourishing Treatment – I used to like the salt milk body scrub from this brand when I was younger, so when I saw this milk protein treatment I wanted to try it as well. For whatever reason I don’t understand why I only bought one. I just realized when I got back in the U.S and questioned myself why??.. But yep! I got one and this sachet is only Ρ21.00 each (U$D.44) which is less than a dollar and a product of Thailand.

A Boone


In the Philippines, having a really good pen is a MUST! Majority loves fine point pen and some do invest on a really expensive pens. We are not as advanced just like here in the U.S or other countries where students bring their Ipad and store notes in it. Our schools still asks students to write on the board and copy them on their notebooks. So having a nice pen encourages you to write even though it is very redundant since you’re just copying what was on the book. That’s just a quick background of how some of our schools do.

The individual pen retails for Ρ39.75 (U$D.82), Ρ29.75 (U$D.62) while the DONG-A pack of six is only Ρ74.75 (U$D1.55) and is made in Korea while the Panda Ballpen is only Ρ17.75 (U$D.37) and is made in the Philippines. They’re very affordable and are less than a dollar except for the pack of six which is less than 2 U.S dollars.



While heading home, I had to stop at Narita Japan Airport for a quick hour. While looking for something to drink prior to boarding, I saw this infamous Pikachu (Pocket Monsters) pen looking at me. Well of course, what else can I do but bring one home. This is just a simple memorabilia from my super short surprise trip to home and another quick glance at Narita Japan Airport.



I didn’t purchase a ton of products because I’m the type that don’t like to waste money on something that I might not use again. Luckily, our makeup section have testers so this will really help you try the products out before purchasing and also, maybe because we are not allowed to return or exchange items so this is the best way to check the items before you take them home.

Aside from that, majority of the items that I’ve tried had shimmers and not just a subtle shimmer but it’s actually a chunky and has a ton of fallouts. You can literally blow them off while the product is sitting on top of your skin.

If you haven’t noticed, I didn’t purchase any lipsticks and that is because most lipsticks were very sheen and mostly bright pink. I love some matte lippies especially liquid lipsticks and I haven’t seen a lot of liquid lipsticks available that really caught my attention.

Anyway, here are some snaps that I took while browsing Watsons Beauty Shop and more.


These are blushes from In2It are really smooth yet a lot of tiny shimmers. I wouldn’t even use this as a highlighter.
Mostly on the light pink or light blue eyeshadow shades. Their powders are sooo powdery and too white or two dark for my skin tone
A product that existed for a long time but nothing in this brand interests me. The packaging is cheaply made yet not worth the price. The lipsticks are too bright and not elegant looking.
I don’t recall anything in this brand that stood out for me. The color range are way off!
Ever Bilena – I mentioned this on the Beauty Podcast (go check it out)
Jazzy France – The only product I regret not purchasing! These are Kiss Proof Lipglosses that is a bit pricey. I did a few swatches and boy! this product stayed on my hand all day and all night. It was difficult to remove. I wanted to test this on my lips but I completely forgot to purchase one. This is also a product from France that is available in the Philippines.

And there you have it! I really hope that you find this post interesting and I hope this didn’t bore you as well. 🙂

Have you guys tried, heard or seen any of the products mentioned above?

Let me know what you think?



8 thoughts on “Philippine Haul (the long overdue)

  1. I haven’t seen Ivy Beauty here sis. Also odd is that Apple foundation is manufactured in Pasay? ( I zoomed that one out to double check) kamusta naman, I’m from Pasay too. 🙂
    I too really can’t find a true blue local brand here that isn’t altered. Usually I could see on the back label either China or France but the brand is so local. How’s that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Hahhah right? Really nice to know that we have a product of our own but sucks it’s not as great as the imported ones.. Ivy Beauty is really nice sis! But their product options are not. Hehe sayang..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. True! They’re trying to level up, yes. I give them due credit for that but I just hope their products were not like trial and error because they seems like to me.
        I have to seek Ivy. Hehe. For awhile I thought Shawill is a good dupe for Luminoso but lo and behold!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love checking out the cosmetics at Daiso! The blusher you got is so cute.
    I find it so interesting that Maybelline offer Asian exclusives – that blush you got is so pretty.
    Yes, the Etude House eye stick immediately reminded me of the LM Caviar sticks too.
    The Bobbie Palette looks like a good everyday option – so cool that it is made in Philippines!
    And aahhhhh those photos of the displays!!! 😍
    The stationery are adorable – I remember those gel type pens, so fun. (But I still say Narita airport is so disappointing!) Thanks for sharing – I loved reading this post!
    And haha photobomber again! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MyStyleInsideOut

      Yes Daiso got a lot of cool stuff wish we have something like it here. And yeah the blushes are all pretty, and the pen, I was actuAlly looking for one with Narita print on it but I havent seen one. Hehe and oh yeah! He won’t leave my side especially when he saw Pikachu.. hehehe finally I got this post up.. hahaha thanks for checking..😍😍


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