Mini Beauty/Fashion Haul! (part 2)

And this is a continuation of my last haul post so let’s get started… 🙂

I needed a new makeup sponge so I bought another StyleWurks brand as you all know I love this brand a lot. It’s very affordable and it works really really well too. —  Rimmel London Long-Lasting finish foundation is another item I purchased recently. I have never been disappointed with Rimmel London products so why not add this foundation to my collection. In fact, it’s added on my July Favorites already.
I’ve been wanting to purchase this Milani Powder Blush so finally I reached for it. I got the shade “Coral Cover” (05) and it’s ultra silky-soft powder blush that delivers the perfect amount of color and easily blends onto checks. I love this blush so much and it’s perfect for everyday wear. The shade is perfect and very pigmented too. I highly recommend this blush to everyone. —- Next is another Wet N Wild lipstick in the shade “Mauve Outta Here” Rose Flamboyant (907C). This shade is beautiful and it’s perfect for fall.
I was checking out Elf’s makeup brushes and when I saw their bronzing and angled blush brush, I had to take them home with me since I wanted a smaller brushes too. To be honest with you! I am impressed with these brushes, aside from it’s affordable, it’s very smooth and it doesn’t have any fall-outs.

Buy One, Get One free!

Yup, you heard it right…more accessories from Charming Charlie.

$3.99 (BOGO)
$3.99 (BOGO)
$6.99 (BOGO)

So yeah! that’s it… I hope you enjoyed reading this quick beauty and fashion haul post.

Happy Labor Day Everyone! ❤



Beauty Haul!?!


Another week has gone by and what comes with it is a beauty haul. I bought a few items that caught my eyes and I hope you’ll find this post an interesting one.

So, here they are. Continue reading “Beauty Haul!?!”

Quick shopping! #Haul

I am so proud of myself as I was able to survive the entire month of April without buying any makeup at all. I may have had few discount coupons emailed to me but I stayed strong and didn’t fall for it. A HUGE Shout Out to my Cyber-Friends for giving me the boost to stay tough. 🙂 (high five you guys!!)

Now, it’s the 2nd day of May and I kind of bought just a few items. The first two items I grabbed is the Revlon ColorBurst – Lacquer Balm. I love these balms so much as they are very hydrating on the lips. I also love how they smell. It’s almost like the smell of a toothpaste as it smells “minty” and they glide on your lips like butter. Continue reading “Quick shopping! #Haul”

Who said you can’t find great stuff at the Dollar Store??

As I was checking some eyeshadows at Walgreens, I wanted to try the Milani baked eyeshadow since I love their baked blush as well..but I was thinking, i’ll purchase them next time when I have some extra cash left…

Then, I happened to drop by the Dollar Store and LOOK what I found?? It’s the Milani Baked Eyeshadow… (Waaaahhhh👼)

So I bought three eyeshadows for just a dollar each! YES! One Dollar ($1.00)! Haha.. What a bargain right? They cost $7.49 each at Walgreens. And wait! I also found an Elf Blending eye brush too for a dollar!!!! I’m not going to tell you how much I saved because you know I saved a lot!😱What an awesome deal huh? 👏👏

Here they are!
Captivating eyeshadow powder that features multiple infusion of Italian terracota tiles.
Complimentary shades swirled together to create one unique color dimension.

RICH JAVA (#607)- is like dark brown and good for smokey eyes.

FUSION (#615) – I think this is good for base or just by itself and it’s very subtle. It may look glittery but it’s definitely not! It has a touch of maybe purple/pink with a bit of gold but very very pretty shade.

GREEN FORTUNE (#618) – if you like a little sparkle but not too bold, this is the perfect shade.. The green shade is very nice and not shimmery at all.



I did a quick try and they glide on smoothly and very easy to blend.
You can also use them Wet or Dry.
I am loving them already!😘😍


“I did my own description based on what I saw rather than copying the description from the web so I can share my own opinion on the product”.

Wanna here your thoughts guys!👍😍