Polish of the Week!



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Polish of the Week for you guys. Now I finally got the chance to share one, featuring a product that I got from my Ipsy Glam Bag back in December.

Before I apply the actual nail polish, I always make sure that I put on a Base Coat. This way it will help keep the nail polish last longer and I also feel like Base Coat helps your nails from getting stained from the nail color itself. I then apply the nail polish of my choice and sealed them with a Clear Coat or Top Coat for shinier and smoother result. Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Polish of the Week!

How are you guys doing? I hope you all are having a great fall but “wintery” feel month.. 🙂

I will be sharing a quick nail polish of the week update for everyone and I hope you’ll like it. Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Polish of the Week!

Fall is finally here and with that said, dark colors are in.

I recently purchased this nail polish as it screamed Fall to me big time! I shouldn’t be buying more nail polishes since I already have a lot but what can we do? I love nail polishes.. I guess we can never have enough right? 😛 Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Polish of the Week!

Another quick Polish of the week post for you nail polish lovers.

This time, I was in the mood to do a little bit more than just one shade so I added a little bit of design. Continue reading “Polish of the Week!”

Polish of the Week!

Hello everyone!

Here is a quick Polish of the Week post for you all.

This week, I went a little bit on the dark side with a hint of gold. I guess this is what happens when you can’t decide as to what shade to wear so you ended up choosing the most simple, yet wearable shade of all.

Rimmel London #550 (Major Brown); Rimmel London Clear Top Coat
OPI Nail Lacquer (Legs Celebrate); OPI Base Coat

And voila!!!!

Like I said, simple yet wearable… ❤


Happy Blogging! 🙂