How do I clean my makeup sponge?

How do I clean my makeup sponge? But before I show you how, let me ask you these questions.

  1. How often do you use your makeup sponge?
  2. How often do you clean your makeup sponge?
  3. What do you use when cleaning your makeup sponge?
  4. What brand is your current makeup sponge?

My answers:

  1. Since I’ve discovered the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, I have been using it since then. The result from using your fingers or brushes when applying your foundation or concealer or even BB cream is so much different when using a makeup sponge. I use a makeup sponge everyday as long as I put on makeup.
  2. I clean my sponge every single day. Yup! everyday. Since we all take a shower everyday then why not take it with you in the shower right? I take my makeup sponge with me in the shower and wash it while I’m taking a shower. That simple! 🙂 This way, I use a clean and fresh sponge every-time I use it.
  3. I use my facial soap to clean my makeup sponge. I find it safer for my face when using this soap rather than using other product to clean my sponge since I have a very sensitive skin.
  4. Even though I’ve discovered the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and yes, it did a great job but I found another brand that kicked Real Techniques on the side (sorry RT). This sponge was on my last Haul post and bought it with hesitation. I was actually looking to purchase another Real Techniques makeup sponge but unfortunately, the place I went to didn’t have it so I just took the StyleWurks Blending Makeup Sponge instead with a pair of “fingers crossed” haha. You know what?? this sponge is awesome! Aside from that, it’s way cheaper than the RT. I’ve never had any issues with it since day one. It’s very easy to clean unlike the RT sponge that no matter how you wash/clean it, the product stays on and stained the sponge.

Here is a quick look of my makeup sponge.

StyleWurks Blending Makeup Sponge.
                              “Doesn’t it look brand new again?” 🙂

I hope you find this post helpful and please don’t forget to leave comments below! ❤




May Favorites!

Where did the month of May go? I’m sure you’ve asked the same exact question right? Anyway, the good thing is that summer is here and May Favorites is now happening so stay tuned!

I have been very minimal last month, in other words (LAZY) haha. This might not be a very interesting post but hey! this products got me through the entire month with a smile. 🙂

Now, let’s get started.

  • 2015-08-6--18-52-10Simple Cleansing Micellar Water – At first I didn’t like it but the longer I used it, I started loving it. It cleanse really well and the best part is, it doesn’t break me out.
  • Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer – Surprise Surprise!!! What else can I say about this moisturizer?? hhmmppp.. THE BEST! ❤
  • Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation (oil free perfecting creme repairs skin with vitamin C complex, licorice root and pea extract. – I found this product in the “isle of doom” at Sephora as I was looking for a product that will help eliminate or reduce this pimple scar on my face. I’m not 100% sure if it did help but I noticed a difference on the spots so I thought to just continue using them. I just got the sample size because I was worried that it might irritate my skin, gladly this creme is very gentle and I like it. 🙂
  • Glam Glow Youthmud (Tinglexfoliate Treatment) – My Savior, a Must Have, Holy Grail. This product played a huge part on my face. Because of this, I stopped getting “sparkles”, the moment I can feel that a pimple is popping-up I dab a small amount on the spot and leave it overnight. The next morning, the monster is gone! I am so glad I found this Glam Glow Youthmud. I got the sample size again just to try it out and it lasted me for months since I don’t use this on my entire face. THIS PRODUCT IS A MIRACLE!


  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – you guys know what this is.. 🙂
  • MAC “BlushBaby” Sheertone Blush – This is a re-discovered product and I have been loving it ever since we met again.
  •  Maybelline “Fit Me” Pressed Powder – I’m killing this pressed powder to death. I love how it kept me shine-free all throughout the day and very very lightweight too which is good.
  • Maybelline “Fit Me” Concealer – This concealer is great in covering some unwanted scars/spots on my face. I love how it feels on my skin and most importantly, it doesn’t break me out.
  • 2015-08-6--19-01-44NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Milan – This shade is good for everyday wear, it’s matte, non-drying, smells really good (yummy) and can be worn during the day or even at night.
  • Covergirl Clump Crusher by lashblast Mascara – Another item that I’ve been reaching a lot for this past month. It’s really a clump crusher, though it’s not volumizing but they do keep the curl. It’s another product that is good for everyday wear but I don’t recommend this for night time or if you are going for a glam look.
  • Carmex Original Lip Balm – Please note that as long as you follow my posts, you will forever see this lip balm. You all know that this is another item that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT.

Let me squeeze a non-beauty item in this post. This two items below have been my go-to footwear since Spring arrived. They are just so comfortable, easy to wear and can be paired with anything. I’ve had this items for over a year now and they still look great. The sandals are from NY&Co. while the “loafers” are from Nine West. They both have a hint of gold on them as I love gold so much. You will see me wearing these babies a lot for sure.

2015-08-6--19-02-54The End! ❤


April Favorites! <3


Wow! April went by just like that and I hope I’m not yet late for my April Favorites.

I have been very minimal for the month of April and I’ve been wearing almost the same products all the time. I’ve been very careful with the products I applied on my face as you all know I’m still trying to cure some sparkles. Soon, I will post my updated skincare routine that made a huge difference on my skin. But before doing that, let me show you the products that I loved for the past month.

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March Favorites! #Beauty #Extras

It’s Favorites Time!👏👏

Hi Cyber-buddies!! Hows everyone doing today? I hope you all are doing great. 🙂

It’s the beginning of April so I guess I’m not yet late to share my March Favorites right?

I am not going to include any product description on this post but will go ahead and maybe say a “little” about it to make this a quick and fun post.

So yeah! here we go… 🙂

Let’s start with face products. I’m sure most of us loves face products and here are my faves.


  • Rimmel London BB Cream (Beauty Balm) it’s 9-In-1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup in the shade LIGHT. I never thought that I am going to love a BB Cream. This product is very smooth on the skin, very light that you don’t even feel like you are wearing something on your face. It’s Skin perfecting super makeup with 9-IN-1 results. It Primes, Moisturizes, Helps Minimize the appearance of pores, Conceals, Covers, Smoothes, Mattifies, Brightens and Helps protect. This product lasts all day. 🙂
  • Rimmel London Match Perfection in shade Light Nude (102) – This is a light perfecting radiance sunscreen foundation that everything about this product is just amazing! I have repurchased this foundation billion times and in fact, I already have a back-up in case I will ran out of it.. 🙂 I love the consistency, the shade, the smell, the feel on your skin and most importantly the price. This is very affordable and you can find it in your local drugstores. I can’t say enough about this product so I guess I better move to my next fave.. lol 😛
  • Maybelline Dream Lume Touch Highlighting Concealer in the shade Radiant – I’ve had this product for a while now and I almost forgot about it. I started reaching to this product again because I was looking for something to cover my “sparkles” (to those who wants to know what is “sparkles” please check out this post Facial Products.. (Failed and Passed). I know it says Highlighting Concealer but it helped cover my sparkles..(maybe because it’s kinda full coverage) and that’s why I liked it.
  • Real Techniques (Miracle Complexion Sponge) – I wanted to purchase the infamous Beauty Blender but I just don’t think it’s practical enough for me to spend that much. I saw some beauty gurus mentioned this as a cheaper dupe for the Beauty Blender though I’m sure it’s not the best but so far I am loving it. It gives flawless finish and helps you blend the products really really well. 🙂
  •  SIMPLE Replenishing Rich Moisturizer – It says “Kind To Skin” and Yes! this is so true. So far I haven’t felt any irritation on my skin ever since I started using this. It has Vital Vitamin, Skin Loving Nutrients and No Perfume, No Dyes that is why it’s very gentle and very good on your skin.
  • Who doesn’t love Facial Wipes?? Tell me.. tell me.. 😛 I have been using this SIMPLE cleansing Facial Wipes (Sensitive Skin Experts) for a couple of months now and I am not even planning of replacing this product anytime soon. I love that it doesn’t feel sticky on your skin, it has multi-vitamins, it gently cleanse, removing impurities and even the toughest make-up is gone with just one wipe.

Moving on, let’s talk about beautifying your face.. let’s talk colors.. 🙂IMG_0952IMG_0954

  • You all have seen my favorite blush brush and this is from Essential Tools
  • . I love this so much, it’s so smooth and it doesn’t have any fall-outs whenever you apply your blush. You guys should check this out, it’s so cheap and it’s just awesome!
  • MARCHscara of the month is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I’ve been carrying this in my purse since I purchased this last month and since then, I have been using this a ton. It’s very buildable, makes your lashes looks longer and it doesn’t have clumps. It’s worth the $$$.
  • Carmex (original) Lip Balm is my HOLY GRAIL👼🙏 – I cannot thank this lip balm enough..I don’t know what I would do without this balm..This saved my lips when I had a really bad allergic reaction with lipsticks. I will explain this in my next post. Bottomline, this is one thing that I cannot live without for real.

This blush is from TOPSHOP in the shade “Do It Again”. This product is very pigmented and very smooth. My camera didn’t do justice on the shade but this blush is more like “peachy-pink tone” and is perfect on fairer skin like mine and the subtle shimmer helps provide a natural looking flush that isn’t too much. It’s great for everyday use at anytime and anywhere. I paid only $12.00 and it’s worth the price..

L”oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush shade #892 has always been my go to eye shadow when I’m on a rush. This eye shadow is very pigmented and it’s just good for everyday wear. It may seemed too shimmery but it’s actually a very  pretty “bronzy” “rosey” shade and the shimmer is just very subtle.

  Now for my lipstick faves.. I have been loving the Revlon Colorburst-Matte Balm in “Elusive” shade #205.

This is very hydrating, comfortable feel of a balm. It’s a twist-up, jumbo-sized lip pencil, so there’s no need to sharpen (and therefore, no waste). This shade is a medium, warm-toned pink with yellow undertones and a satin-matte finish. Great for everyday use, very handy and very smooth when applied on the lips. It doesn’t feel sticky and non-drying at the same time. I also love the “minty” scent of this balm and I just love it. You guys should also check this baby out.. I’m sure you’ll love them too and it comes in different shades as well and it’s also a drugstore product so it’s very easy to find.

Another lip product that I’ve been loving is this L’oreal (Colour Riche) Balm Pop in Tender Mauve shade #518.

Just by the name itself Tender Mauve, this shade is very pretty and can be worn at anytime of the day in other words it’s great for everyday use. You can wear this all by itself or use this as a base before you apply your favorite lip product. This balm is also very hydrating, non-drying of course, it has a very slight sweet smell…comfortable smell and the packaging it really neat too. The only downside is, they’re only available in six different shades. But if you are into nude shade, then this is the shade for you. 🙂

Miscellaneous item that completes my entire outfit:


  • I’ve been wearing my Alex & Ani bracelet almost the entire month of March. They we’re a gift from my hubby last 2014 (Vday) and since then I have been loving them so much. The symbols are letter “K” which stands for “Kulit” and it used to be my nickname back home and in English that means “naughty” :P, the other charm says “My Other Half” and the third charm obviously is my January birth stone which is Garnet.
  • The second item that’s been loved so much is this double sided earrings that I got from NY&Co. (I’m sure you’ve seen this on my last Haul post March mini-haul!) and they may looked heavy or uncomfortable but Not At All.
  • Last jewelry item that has been my staple last month is my Michael Kors watch. This was my Vday present from hubby last February’2015. I thought he wasn’t paying attention when I was telling him that I want a watch that doesn’t go out of style and something that I can wear everyday with a pop of color.. And yes! I got what I wanted. I’m kinda’ tired of seeing those large face watches that’s why I asked for a classic look and I love this so much and it’s Rose Gold too which makes it even more classy. 🙂

IMG_0950 And finally who doesn’t like a little hint of lovely scent? This cologne has been my staple scent for years. This is from GAP. I used to love the “Dream” scent but since I’ve tried this, I’ve been stuck with it ever-since. I’m not sure if you guys have tried the colognes or perfumes from GAP  but I suggest you should check them out. They last long and they are very affordable too.


I just want to share with you my super cute and super fun partner in blogging. My sparkled…bedazzled cutie mouse!!!!

Like I said before, I wasn’t really a fan of Pink until my hubby got me hooked with it. He actually bought this for me as he knows I love anything sparkly (except my own “sparkles” hahaahha✌️😉) and I love anything with stones ex. Rhinestones, Diamonds(if only i can afford), Swarovski and more.


So yeah!!!! Advance Happy Easter and I hope you enjoyed this post!!! 🙂