How Did I End up Blogging?

Having a full time job is a blessing especially when you love what you do. However, that doesn’t mean you are complete and will settle for it. I don’t have friends to hang out with or someone to go to the mall nor shop “girly stuff buddy” so I ended up browsing youtube. I have been hooked in watching youtube videos like “what’s in my bag” or “beauty and fashion” type videos just to get through a boring day.

I even spent most of my time online shopping or just going shopping for no reason (and my husband said “I am becoming a shopaholic”).😱
But, I still feel empty and was thinking how can I express myself, my thoughts or even how I feel in my own way that no one will judge me but instead share their opinions or encouragement if being noticed.

The word “blog” popped in my mind so I decided to make my first post, then second and third and now I just can’t stop sharing. I am not a writer nor a poet.. I am just an ordinary person who wants to share how I feel.. I am not asking to be noticed but I truly appreciate those who did and will in the future.. I didn’t want to keep this post this long but thoughts just kept coming and now blogging is my channel to keep my mind busy and maybe stop going to mall and shop for no reason..😜

Hopefully through blogging, I will enhance my writing skills and will look back and say “Yes! blogging saved me from being a shopaholic??”👠👜👗💄😱Haha… No, seriously I hope one day I will look back and say “Blogging led me to today (with a smile)😊”…👍

3 thoughts on “How Did I End up Blogging?

  1. FilipinoInsideOut

    Hi Leslie! I am just new to blogging but I think I’m liking it better than Facebook.. At least here we can express anything and we see other people’s thoughts as well and it makes my mind work because we have to think when We write and I am loving it.. Hopefully I will continue to blog and find time to do it.. And enhance my writing and english skills as well.. Thank you for dropping by! 😍


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