“F R I E N D S”

Looking back made me think.. Wow! I was popular.. I have tons of friends.. Some even get upset when I couldn’t go to their events or attend a birthday party.. I wasn’t “Georgina George” kinda gal for everyone in school to notice but I was just doing my thing.. Minding my own business and just being the friendly me..

When I finished school and started working.. Less and less people became visible and when situation occurred and needed someone to talk to… Mhhaaannn…šŸ˜± Only a handful came to comfort.. I then realized.. Yeah! They weren’t my FRIENDS.. They were just “friends”..šŸ‘Ž

Now that I moved billion miles away from home..I am in a place were people just come and go! Neighbors faces kept changing every now and then, even co-workers come and quickly go!

At this point of my life, I am at the stage of not wanting to make “FRIENDS” anymore.. What for? They’ll leave anyway.. If someone comes and say ” can we be friends?” I’ll gladly share the same but I’ve learned that nothing in this world is constant so we have to move forward and keep the THOSE who will stay..

If you look at it closely.. The word FRIEND has an END..šŸ‘­šŸ’”šŸ‘„

Thank you for dropping by and Thank you for the follow!

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