Products that I used to Love..BUT….

Once upon a time, I was never really a fan of body butter until one day….

I went to the mall (YES! The Mall) and passed by Victoria’s Secret. I never was a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret products though I purchased their Fragrance Mist once in a while. My favorite scents are Amber Romance and Forbidden Fantasy. They just smell so good and the scent is just perfect.. Ok-Ok! back to the body butter. As I was checking some items in the store, this purple colored container caught my eyes. I immediately went and checked how they smell, oh boy! they smelled sooo good. I don’t know about you but most of the time when I buy lotion, shampoo, soap or anything that has scent, I always make use of my sense of smell before checking their consistency. I was a little bit skeptical whether to purchase them or not because like I said, I have never found a body butter that impressed me so far. But I ended up buying it anyway and I also purchased a body lotion under the same line. These are from the PINK line and they are called “Pretty & Pure“.

2015-18-3--21-14-38Luminous Body Butter – Feel Pretty in Jasmine and Pink Lemonade.

 Mega-nourishing cream melts into skin for a luminous finish.  Shea and Cocoa Butters leave you feeling super-soft and ultra-smooth all over.

Body Lotion – Feel Pretty in Jasmine and Pink Lemonade.

Creamy lotion creates an instant moisture infusion with Aloe, Oat and Grapeseed Extracts and a healthy combo of Vitamins E and C.



  • Consistency – Perfect
  • Scent – Awesome
  • Lasting Power – Great
  • Feel on your skin – The Best, makes you feel fresh all day.
  • Body Butter – has a little bit of sparkle but not noticeable (makes your skin glow).
  • Lastly – Perfect for everyday use.

Next item that I became obsessed with is a scented candle. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos especially most of the beauty gurus and they’ve talked a lot about Bath and Body Works scented candles. I’ve been in and out of their store and bought few candles that I thought I will love but was disappointed instead. I’ve also tried their “Wallflowers Fragrance” plug-ins and yes they made the entire room smells really good but not as how I wanted it to be. (I’m sorry guys.. I know you love Bath & Body Works but it just didn’t work for me). But hey, I’m not going to end my search and I’m sure I will be able to find my match..hehe 🙂

Moving on, with my quest of finding the perfect scented candle, who would think that I will find them at Walmart. Ahhuhh Walmart of all the places right? I’ve never really paid attention to their candles section because I don’t know.. I just didn’t. But when I saw one candle named CHERRY BLOSSOM I was hypnotized and thought of taking one home. The scent was very calming, sweet and subtle which convinced me to buy it. Aside from the smell, it was also very affordable to which it cost $3.50 only.

2015-18-3--21-17-37This is from the brand MAINSTAYS.

They have a wide variety of scents but Cherry Blossom is one of my favorite amongst them all.

I turned into a hoarder the moment I discovered this baby until one day.. It became impossible for me to find one. Every week we went to Walmart and I always make sure to check their candles section and I couldn’t believe they have nothing. The last thing I got was the AROMABEADS which I just kept in my room to keep the smell and I’ve no plan of even burning them. 😛

Weeks, months and now it been a year and NONE..NADA…NoTHING.. Bottomline is, they DISCONTINUED my candle!!! How could they??? (though they already did) but still…. I checked Walmart online and still no luck. I guess I need to accept the fact and start with my quest again..

Though… I found a Wallflowers Fragrance in Japanese Cherry Blossom scent at Bath & Body Works but it’s so much different from the Cherry Blossom that I loved.

Unfortunately, all items mentioned above are now nowhere to be found. I am being deprived of my happiness that they have decided to discontinue reproducing them for me. I’m sure I am not alone in this sadness 😦 and how about you guys? was there ever a time that you finally found something that you fell in love with but it got discontinued too?

Your comments are much appreciated! 🙂

*CyberHug* ♥♥

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