December Favorites!


Oh how time flies! It’s almost middle of January and I am just sharing my December beauty favorites. I will show you what I’ve been loving this past month and I’m sure I will be loving them again this month.

So here we go.

For my face, I’m sure you’ve seen them in my Instagram and Twitter posts (if you’ve been following me there too).


Now for my eyes.


And.. for my lips!


I can’t choose which is my number one favorite in this picture because I just love them all.

I don’t wear a lot of makeup everyday to work since I’m always in a rush, so majority of the time I just apply foundation and concealer before leaving the house and apply lipstick, eyeshadow and blush at my work-desk that is why I always carry the most handy and easy to apply makeup in my bag.

And that’s it! My December ‘2015 Favorites.. ❤


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